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Best Boba Places in Alabama

You won’t believe what hidden boba gems there are in Alabama! 

Some of us had a trip here recently and we just had to scour the area for some bubble tea. It only makes sense right? Well let us tell you about some of the best boba places in Alabama are! Use this as your definitive guide to choosing the right bubble tea cafe to visit when you’re around Alabama. 

Also, even though we had already left, what are some great things to do in Alabama? We were only here for a short weekend but if we’re ever back for a longer period of time we want to make the best of it. Let us know here about some exciting things we can do around Alabama! You can even let us know here if you’d like, we have over 18,000 boba fanatics here talking about boba, don’t miss out! 

Alrighty, let’s get on with some boba places in Alabama shall we?

ThirsTea Cafe

Starting off strong with this boba cafe in Alabama! This bubble tea cafe boasts more than 150+ reviews between Google reviews and Yelp, so of course we just had to stop by. And we weren’t disappointed one bit! 

The moment you walk into this place, you realize just how friendly and open the people are here. The staff (one of the main reasons why we were drawn to this place) were super helpful and recommended a lot of great flavors for us to try. Some of the bubble tea flavors we ended up trying included the avocado smoothie, caramel milk tea and yogurt milk tea. We thought the caramel milk tea was the best flavor out of the ones we’ve tried, maybe you should give it a go too! 

To top it all off, there’s a few board games here that you can stick around and play with too! Without shame, we ended up playing about 8 games of Connect Four here, let’s just say it brought back childhood memories! 

Kurabi Bubble Tea

Another strong contender is Kurabi Bubble Tea in Mobile, Alabama. Some might think it’s even better than ThirsTea Cafe, boasting more than 200+ reviews that average out to be a 4+ rating! How amazing is that? 

Apparently the flavors that you must try here are some of their boba smoothies! Popular boba smoothies at Kurabi Bubble Tea are mango and pina colada smoothies (with boba pearls of course). We’ll have to try that pina colada some day, who doesn’t like a cold refreshing pina colada smoothie to remind you of the beach? 

Might we add, their smoothies are made with all natural ingredients. What does that mean exactly? They use no preservatives in their smoothies and boba teas, only the highest quality ingredients they can find locally. That also means real fruit blended up in your boba smoothie, not that powdered stuff that tastes chalky sometimes. 

Quickly Asian Fusion Cafe 

Located in Mobile, Alabama just like Kurabi Bubble Tea, this Asian fusion cafe serves up some of the most delicious food and boba around town. Many of their foods are inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, so we had to just place it on the list for the best boba places in Alabama! 

You bet you’ll be able to grab your favorite boba flavor while slurping some noodles in a big bowl of pho. Anyone love pho just as much as bubble tea by the way? Or you can have yourself a delicious banh mi sandwich too! 

We’d stick to the classic flavors of boba if you’re coming here. Bubble tea flavors like the classic hong kong style black milk tea or thai milk tea! Being that it’s vietnamese inspired, you’ll satisfy your craving with vietnamese coffee with bubbles too! By the way, if you’re interested in learning how to make cafe sua da (vietnamese coffee) at home, give our full recipe guide a read here, it only takes 10 minutes to make! 

We believe that’s all there is to the list of best boba places in Alabama. Don’t worry though, we might only have 3 boba places here on this list of bubble tea in Alabama right now but we’ll definitely continue to add more as people let us know what’s the best here around here! 

With that said, let us know if you’re from Alabama, maybe you can write some boba reviews for us! Just let us know how you can contribute to us here and we’ll reach back to you quickly! Thanks for reading with us and like always, just talk about boba, duh! 

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