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Best Boba Places in Arkansas

Arkansas! Does anyone know where this state is on the United States map without cheating? To be very honest, we had to look up where it is. Geography isn’t our strong suit, we’ll stick to boba.

Props to you if you know your geography and states on the map! 

Anyways, what makes Arkansas so interesting nowadays? For one, Arkansas has very cool monuments and figures to look at when you visit. The scenery is like no other! One amazing figure to look at is the Thorncrown Chapel. Visited by many people (millions), this glass structure in the middle of nature is built with over 6000 square feet of glass and tops at over 40ft tall. Talk about some amazing architectural work! 

Okay, enough of Arkansas scenery and monuments to have your jaw drop. What about their boba and bubble tea? Does Arkansas stand any chance at having some great boba tea? When you visit this state is there any promising bubble tea places to go too? 

Let’s find out, shall we? Here are the best boba places in Arkansas for your next visit.

Best Boba Places in Arkansas
Best Boba Places in Arkansas

Leaf Tea House

Leaf Tea House has over 100 reviews across several review sites like Google and Yelp. You can’t help but to think “is this place good?” If anything, what we really like is their interior decor and vibes. It is very clean and very inviting to lounge and sip some boba. Plus, the people here are so friendly!

We should also point out that all their teas are made from loose leaf teas. Which makes the quality of your bubble tea or boba much more premium! You’ll be able to taste the robust flavors of the tea itself while enjoying the blended flavors of milk and other additions. We suggest trying the classic boba flavors here too, a flavor like black milk tea won’t disappoint at Leaf Tea House.

Milk & Sugar Rolled Ice Cream & Boba Parlor  

Who doesn’t like rolled ice cream and boba?

This is exactly what you’ll find at this boba spot. Delicious ice cream and if that’s not enough, you can also grab some boba to go! Located in Conway, Arkansas you’ll find this delicious gem. With over 4 stars in almost every review, there’s a reason why this place is a must try. Some popular flavors for boba include Thai milk tea and taro milk tea.

If you’re curious, some of their most popular rolled ice cream flavors are taro and chocolate!

Anime Cafe

Best Boba Places in Arkansas
Anime Cafe in Arkansas

Anime Cafe in Arkansas. Yep that’s right.

This place is so cute! If you love watching your anime and drinking boba, this is the spot for you. We’re surprised there’s a place like this in Arkansas. You can choose what type of bubble tea you want (iced or frozen), choose your tea (black or green tea), and choose as many flavors as you’d like. Their list of flavors is huge! Some popular flavors include honeydew, strawberry and matcha!

They also have those stuffed fish snacks too, both savory and sweet! 

Pho Hoang Vietnamese Food and Coffee

Alright we know this isn’t quite the exact boba tea place you’re looking for but hear us out. First off, you can be sure of having some of the best pho you’ll have in Arkansas here. With over 400 reviews averaging 4+ stars, you’ll want to get your Vietnamese food fix here.

On top of that, their cafe sua da (vietnamese coffee) is amazing. Their other selections of frozen bubble teas and regular milk teas are just as great too! If you truly want to be satisfied both with food and delicious boba, this is the place to go! 

Which Boba Place will You Try in Arkansas?

Now that we’ve helped you with some options for the best boba places in Arkansas, we want to know… which one will you try now? If you go ahead and try the rolled ice cream and boba please let us know how you think it is! Also, if you have other suggestions that we might’ve not found that you really think is delicious, please let us know in the comments below! We’ll be sure to add it to the list for our awesome readers! 

Thanks for reading with us and don’t forget to share with your Arkansas friends that crave boba. And like always, just talk about boba! 

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