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Best Boba Places in Virginia

This one is juicy!

We talk about the best boba places in Virginia right below and let us first say this, it’s about to change your world! Read until the end to find the best boba place in Virginia, the last one (or maybe not) will change how you view boba. And if you didn’t already know, Talk Boba talks everything about boba from recipes, flavors and even interviews with popular people that have a love/hate relationship with boba! Those conversations call for some interesting stories. 

Anywho, let’s begin with the first best boba places in Virginia shall we? 

Boba Chef

The name alone makes you wonder, does this chef only make boba? Well, if you’re looking for a boba cafe that cooks great boba pearls, then you must come here to Boba Chef. The name boba chef holds up to its quality tapioca pearls, seriously! 

When you come here you’ll find many flavors of boba that you’re very familiar with. And if you’re new to boba or bubble tea, maybe read our article about what is boba to get an understand of what the drink includes! You can also find boba flavors here to get inspired for your next boba trip with the squad. 

Trust us (and hundreds of others that also positively reviewed Boba Chef), you’ll find great bubble tea here that will satisfy your craving. Want a classic black milk tea with boba pearls or taro milk tea with boba pearls, look no further! 

TeaDM Lounge 

Lounge sounds great, but a lounge with bubble tea or boba is even better! 

With over 500+ positive reviews boasting about the service and the overall taste of this boba cafe, you’ll know you’re in for a treat. No need to text your friends and ask them where is the best boba places in Virginia, you might’ve just found one for yourself that is not your typical franchise. Those franchises are of course really great, but once in a while it’s good to support your local small businesses too! 

Come to TeaDM Lounge and try their most popular flavors like taro milk tea, matcha milk tea or black milk tea, all with boba pearls of course! 

Tapioca Go 

Tapioca Go, not to be mistaken by Pokemon Go (does anyone still play this, who’s the best Pokemon you’ve caught so far?), has over 300+ positive reviews emphasizing its delicious tea. Originating from the big apple or New York City, Tapioca Go serves up some of the most premium bubble tea around town. 

If you’re looking for a bubble tea cafe or boba shop near Chesapeake, VA area then you’re in luck! Tapioca Go only brews their tea with premium loose leaf teas sourced from the highest quality growers and perfects every recipe before serving it to the public. You know you’re in good hands when the owners of this place pay attention to the details of their drinks every step of the way from sourcing, brewing to serving. 

Vivi Bubble Tea 

You weren’t thinking that we’d have a best boba places article without a franchise brand right? Franchise brands get a bad reputation but in our eyes they’re just as good as any other mom and pop hole in the wall type of bubble tea shop. If anything, these are more modern and consumer friendly, at least to the younger generation. We’re talking about you Tik Tok users! (By the way, add us on Tik Tok hahaha). 

We spoke about Vivi Bubble Tea before and mentioned that they revolutionized the boba industry by the technology they used for brewing tea very fast and efficiently so that your customer experience is the best it can be every time you go to their boba shop. 

Here’s some of our favorite drinks from Vivi Bubble Tea.

  • Earl grey float 
  • Oolong float 
  • Red bean matcha milk 
  • Flaming brown sugar 
  • Oreo creme brulee 

Ocha Thai Kitchen and Cafe 

You won’t necessarily find milk tea with boba pearls here but they do have some classic milk tea flavors! You know what we’re talking about…Thai milk tea, matcha milk tea and even the all time classic black milk tea. The reason why we included this cafe in the list is because they have those amazing flavors (they make them really well actually) but there’s also great food here. 

We wanted to share this with you and your friends for those that are around Centreville, VA area. If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite (maybe a date or just to eat with some friends), Ocha Thai Kitchen and Cafe is the spot to go to! With over 300+ great reviews about how tasty the food is and the drinks, you’ll want to come back for more after your first time, trust us! 

Order a classic milk tea flavor like Thai milk tea with some sweet and sour chicken, curry, or even noodle soup! You’ll leave feeling really great afterwards. 


Here’s another franchise bubble tea or boba shop, Sharetea, one of the most known actually. With hundreds of locations globally, Sharetea literally shares the knowledge of tea and everything in between with all its customers since it’s opening back in 1992. If you do the math, this place has been open for about 27 years! 

Find yourself some delicious boba drinks like fresh milk tea oolong, coffee blend with ice cream on top, taro ice blended with pudding and many more unique flavors! 

Gigitea Time 

Taking pride in bringing over Taiwanese boba tea flavors to the Richmond, VA area, Gigitea Time makes a name for itself. Offering dual purpose cups for two different flavors of milk tea with one purchase, you can try more than your typical flavor! Do what we like to do, order your favorite flavor and add a flavor that you’ve never tried before so that you can experience both worlds! Sometimes when you order boba it comes out to be unsatisfying but with the dual cup functionality you’ll mitigate that risk! 

Here’s their top 10 list if you’re curious.

  1. Honey oolong tea latte 
  2. Taro milk tea 
  3. Raspberry and strawberry fruit tea 
  4. Matcha smoothie 
  5. Lemon green tea 
  6. Peach frozen yogurt 
  7. Lychee black tea 
  8. Coffee mix black tea latte 
  9. Thai black tea 
  10. Ceylon Black tea latte 

Teas N You

We might’ve just saved the best boba place in Virginia for last. No seriously, this place has over 1000+ reviews, how incredible is that? With organic premium brewed loose leaf tea leaves from the best growers in the world, you’re not going to get quality like this anywhere else. In fact, if you’re not satisfied with your milk tea, infused tea, or freshly brewed tea you can always ask them for another one and they’ll be more than happy to serve you right. They uphold the idea of “happy endings hospitality” to the fullest!

Some favorites here include:

  • Pumpkin chai milk tea 
  • Pumpkin spice latte 
  • Green Thai tea 
  • Pistachio milk tea 
  • Wintermelon milk tea 

Do yourself a favor, if you’re from Tysons, VA stop by this place this weekend and get addicted to some bubble tea, trust us, you’ll want to come back here more often than not. Sometimes cravings are good!  

Has Your Boba World Changed Yet?

Okay, fair disclaimer, maybe this article didn’t change too much about your boba expectations (maybe it’s too high) but we hope you learned about a new boba place to try here! If you did, that’d be the perfect boab trip with some friends. You know, maybe after school (or during) you can grab your favorite friends and go for a boba trip to that place we recommended that you have never been to before. Who knows, you might just fall in love with it. 

Thanks for reading with us, if you’re interested in talking about boba in a private group just join here on Facebook. People talk about their boba recipes and more! 

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