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Best Boba Places in Pennsylvania

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Did you just Google “what are the best boba places in Pennsylvania?” Well, then you’re in luck! Talk Boba is here to tell you the exact boba places that are the best in town.

If you didn’t know already, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet (we’re so grateful for this). We write anything about boba such as boba recipes, best boba places and even interview people about their love for boba. It’s really great time here at Talk Boba. 

Enough of us, let’s get started with the best boba places in Pennsylvania below! 

Tea Do

Tea Do boba cafe is located in many locations in the North East like Philadelphia Chinatown. It has been one of our favorites for quite some time. Every time we’re here as a team we’ll have to stop by to get a tasty bubble tea. And a small snack! 

Here are some bubble tea flavors we recommend from Tea Do. All of their flavors are just as great too! (We tend to order with 50% sweetness levels as well, we don’t like it that sweet). 

  • Japanese green milk tea with boba 
  • Thai milk tea with boba 
  • Coconut milk tea with boba 

As for snacks, (which are so good) we usually get a combination of fish balls or gyoza if we’re sitting in Tea Do for a bit. Otherwise we’ll grab ourselves onigiri to go and eat it on the way to wherever else we have to go to.

Spam onigiri or shrimp tempura onigiri are our favorites here, every bite gets better and better! If you’re in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania sometime— stop by Tea Do. Experience the goodness it has to offer! Plus it has over 800 positive reviews so it must be really good! 

A Cup of Tea 

Another boba spot located in Philadelphia.

A Cup of Tea may not be as impressive in terms of reviews as Tea Do but don’t be fooled. The milk foam tea here is really delicious and hard to find anywhere else. Many of the reviews we’ve experienced mention something about their milk foam teas, so we had to try. 

When we visited, our team ordered peach oolong with milk foam, strawberry tea with milk foam, matcha milk tea with milk foam. We couldn’t help but smile with our drinks! The milk foam has such a nice balance with their teas.

If you’re in the mood for some milk foam teas and you just so happen to be in Philadelphia, give A Cup of Tea a taste. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!

If you don’t know what milk foam is, learn all about it here!

Mr Wish

Looking for a place that has fresh ingredients and top of the line premium teas? Your search is over! Mr Wish, who originated in Taichung in 2006 has expanded themselves into the States over time.

At Mr Wish you’ll find your typical bubble tea flavors and so much more. Especially their fresh tea beverages. 

Take a look at their unique drinks.

  • Red bean sago coconut milk tea. 
  • Coconut purple rice with sago. 
  • 3Q milk tea (classic milk tea with bubbles, pudding and coconut jelly). 
  • Mango tea and fresh pulp. 
  • Lemon and kumquat fiber jelly tea. 

If none of those flavors above caught your eye, you’ll just have to visit their website. You’ll be able to see exactly what flavors (and how aesthetic these flavors are) are the most inviting to try.

Personally we really like their oolong milk tea, it has a great balance of tea flavor and sweetness. 

Teapioca Lounge 

Teapioca Lounge is quite different from other boba cafes, they offer both shaved ice and bubble tea. This boba cafe in Pennsylvania would be best in the summer months. Remember shaved ice as a kid in the summer?

With traditional flavors and a few unique flavors, you can bet yourself that you’ll enjoy anything you order here. They even have smoothies, coffee, and slushies! With over 200+ reviews for Teapioca Lounge, you can trust the community when asking what is the best boba cafe around town

Also, did you know they have their own apps on the app store? They’ve made games like Boba Bursters and Boba N Cars. How cool is that? You can play their app store games and drink boba at the same time, now that’s meta! 

Woosa Bubble Tea 

Here’s another spot located in Philadelphia, Woosa! 

First, before we talk about their bubble tea, we just want to mention that when you first walk into this store you’ll see this amazing mural.

It’s a mural of waves and dolphins. Highly detailed and ultimately jaw-droppingly beautiful. It adds to the aesthetic of the boba cafe so much! Plus there are green-ish/teal-ish walls that complement the mural very well. 

Okay, now the bubble tea. It’s just as beautiful and delicious. Serving up your classic or traditional flavors like matcha milk tea, Thai milk tea, or black milk tea, you know you’ll be taken care of here! Having close to 100 reviews, this spot is no short of delicious. Only 2 of our members came here but they were instantly hooked at how delicious it was.

During their time here, they mentioned it wasn’t as sweet as other franchises can be. So if you don’t like too much sweetness, this might be for you.

In Philly soon? Give Woosa Bubble Tea a try! 

Lulu Cafe 

Let’s start with where the inspiration of Lulu Cafe came from. It originated from the idea of a very cute French bulldog named Lulu! Even the logo of the cafe is an image of a French bulldog.

Embodying the spirit of Lulu, the boba cafe strives for giving the best customer experience from “corner to corner”. Like Lulu would do for anyone who sees her. 

Not only is the inspiration for the cafe so wonderful, but the bubble tea and food is too. Here you’ll find nothing but fresh ingredients and carefully crafted recipes for your tummy. They also have lactose free milk, so for those that can’t drink dairy, you’re in luck! 

Here are some of our favorite and go-to bubble tea drinks here with some food too! 

  • Lemon milk drink. 
  • Espresso milk tea. 
  • Sesame blended.
  • Popcorn chicken.
  • Chicken roll. 


Sometimes you get boba cravings and sushi cravings all at once (we’re guilty of this too). Here at Bubblefish you can satisfy both of those cravings!

Order up your favorite go-to boba flavor (ours is a good ol’ taro milk tea) and order your favorite roll of sushi too! For sushi, we’d have to go with some spicy salmon roll, tuna rolls, and spider rolls of course! 

If you end up coming here we’ll be very jealous! We want some sushi right now just writing this article for you guys. Maybe we’ll grab some sushi tomorrow for lunch! 

Only the Best Boba Places in Pennsylvania

Thanks for reading our best boba places in Pennsylvania, we hope you found your next bubble tea cafe! In fact, let us know below what bubble tea cafe is the best one out of this list we wrote for you. And if you think there’s more to add, please let us know. We always like adding community suggested boba places in our best boba places articles. 

Read more of our best boba places, here are our audience favorites! 

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