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Best Boba Places in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is actually pretty interesting!

Did you know they have an official state drink that’s actually very similar to bubble tea? It’s their coffee milk! Everyone here loves a great cup of coffee milk. What is coffee milk exactly? It’s very similar to boba in a sense that there a few ingredients used— coffee, syrup and milk. It’s shaken until mixed well and served very similar to boba! 

We wonder, will Rhode Island natives really enjoy a great cup of Vietnamese coffee, its very similar? We’re sure they would love it! We’ll have to make that happen somehow. Now that you know a fun fact about Rhode Island, let’s get into what you came here for, the best boba places in Rhode Island. 

Bubble Tea House 

This boba cafe is not franchised as much as Vivi Bubble Tea or Kung Fu tea but we just have to include this boba cafe in the mix as well. It’s only right to include Bubble Tea House in the best boba places in Rhode Island if it has over 200 positive reviews across the board! 

Yeah that’s right, they can compete against the big boba companies too! What we find really funny is that when you step inside this boba cafe you’ll find this pineapple looking seat or couch. Many think it’s a pineapple but here at Talk boba we’re pretty sure it’s a durian fruit. If anyone’s been here before, please confirm this for us! We just think it looks like a durian than pineapple haha. 

For those that don’t know what durian is, read more about this spiky and delicious (but smelly) fruit!

Vivi Bubble Tea

If you’ve ever seen that pink cup with skeleton cartoons on it, that’s this boba cafe. They have many franchises all around the north east like New York and Philadelphia. With their advanced technology in making boba, Vivi Bubble Tea does a phenomenal job at making boba very quick for their customers without sacrificing quality. 

In fact, there was one time where one of our team members received their red bean matcha milk before she can put her credit card away. Maybe she was a bit slow but c’mon that’s pretty fast nonetheless! 

Kung Fu Tea

We’ve written about Kung Fu Tea and placed them in many of our “best boba places” articles before and we’re sure you know why too. With hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews across the board, there’s something about Kung Fu Tea that does it right! Their tapioca pearls are chewy with the right amount of al dente and their milk tea isn’t all that sweet. We’re able to taste and distinguish everything from the premium loose leaf teas, the milk or creamer and sweetener. 

Some flavors we like to get from time to time here at Kung Fu Tea are coffee milk tea, almond milk tea, rose milk tea, ginger milk tea and their new strawberry cream!   

What Other Boba Places Do You Know About in Rhode Island? 

If you know any boba places in Rhode Island that you think deserves to be on this list besides these industry giants, please let us know! You can let us know by commenting using the form below and we’ll be sure to add your suggestion right away! While you’re down there, join our newsletter too, we have amazing giveaways and discounts that only subscribers can have access too! 

We’ll catch you next time here at Talk Boba, remember just talk about boba, duh! Read more blog articles from Talk Boba by clicking here.

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