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Best Boba Places in Washington

Washington has tons of boba places but what’re the best ones? You’ve come to the right place! As you read you’ll find some boba places that you might be familiar with or might not! The best part about it is that if you’re looking for a delicious boba spot to go to this weekend with your boba squad, all these places are highly recommended and we’ll tell you exactly why! 

Also, here’s a fun fact! This is our last article to write in our best boba places series for America! See all of them here in case you’re curious. Yes, we wrote about the best boba places in every single state! 

Now, onto the best boba places in Washington, let’s go! 

Seattle Best Tea

Did you notice if you say this boba cafe’s name 10x fast it’ll sound like you’re saying Seattle Bestie? Hahaha. We thought it was quite clever to be honest! 

Anyways, back to the boba cafe aspect of this place. It has hundreds of reviews and we can see why…they provide great service, delicious boba flavors and an awesome environment to sip boba tea in! 

In fact, their boba tea is made from premium loose leaf tea sourced from highly respected growers, you won’t find any powder here. If you wanted to try their tea without the whole boba aspect to it, you can definitely do so! Sometimes our boba squad has that one person that just wants the tea right? Okay, maybe not so much. But what separates this boba cafe from the others is how authentic the boba tea is made and the balance of sweet and strength of tea flavor it has. 

If you care about a stronger tea flavor in your bubble tea, this is the perfect place for you to visit in Seattle. 

Young Tea

We must say, we’re happy we found this place. Young Tea and their philosophy hold true from the service and tea they serve. Their main goal is to continue to bring tea as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle by providing great quality tea and using other natural ingredients. They even make their own house made syrups without the use of artificial preservatives and what not! 

The best thing about this place is that although they have preset milk tea flavors for you to try out, you can full customize whatever you like too! They encourage boba lovers like yourself to customize your boba tea to the exact preference you like. They have 5 different levels of sweetness and they allow you to substitute milks, toppings and more! 

Some great flavors you can try or customize yourself that we suggest you give a shot are red oolong milk tea, jasmine green milk tea, lava boba milk and rooibos milk tea. 

20oz Tea

We didn’t know too much about 20oz Tea but one of our team members tried it before and told us that they really have something going for them. Our team member tried one of their premium flavors and she was convinced (and hooked) that this boba place deserves to be on a top list for sure! So here we are…

20oz Tea definitely boasts one of the larger amounts of positive reviews and we’re quite impressed! We’re definitely seeing a trend where people talk about the quality of the drinks here despite being so unique. They don’t shy away from being different and seem to know exactly how to execute that uniqueness! 

Here’s some of the premium flavors for you to try out on your first visit to 20oz Tea. 

  • Dirty oat-chata 
  • Sea salt royal milk tea (the one we tried)
  • Sea salt honey lavender milk tea 


With over 26 years of perfecting the art of boba and bubble tea, you can definitely expect nothing but greatness in Sharetea’s boba cups. Over the years you can bet that this brand has over 10,000 hours dedicated to the art of boba making! We think it’s safe to say they’re an expert in this industry. Right?

If you’re thinking about visiting for your first time, may we suggest some flavors? 

  • Hokkaido pearl milk tea 
  • Okinawa pearl milk tea 
  • Thai pearl milk tea
  • Taro pearl milk tea

Vivi Bubble Tea 

Have you heard of this boba franchise before? It’s very popular in the Northeast of America we’re actually surprised we found one in Washington! Anyways, if you haven’t heard of this boba shop yet, you’ll be glad you are now. 

Vivi Bubble Tea is one of the many unique boba cafes that we know, they’ve been known to pioneer the technology used in their boba making process in order to serve you your favorite boba flavor in minutes. They’re very fast, efficient and tasty! 

With hundreds of great reviews from die hard Vivi Bubble Tea fans you’ll come to realize that many of their popular flavors include the classic boba flavors and a few very special flavors. Some special flavors include oreo creme brulee and flaming brown sugar milk tea. Go ahead, give this place a try and let us know your experience! 

Drive Thru Boba

We know what you’re thinking, but unfortunately no…this isn’t a drive through boba shop. However that’d be pretty cool if it was! If you know of any drive through boba shops around you please let us know where they are! We’d love to try them out! 

Drive Thru Boba started back in 2012 with the passion of serving great Taiwanese based boba drinks and deliciously sweet and creamy ice cream! If your boba squad tends to like sweets or a dairy dessert, this is your next go-to spot if you haven’t been yet. 

Like many of the people here, we like getting ourselves the classic black milk tea and pairing it with a delicious matcha based ice cream. It’s the perfect combo! 

Oasis Tea Zone

Apparently Seattle’s favorite boba! We understand why though, just 1 platform alone they have over 700 promising reviews. They probably top well over 1000 reviews with everything combined! 

In addition to the great boba here we just really think it’s a great atmosphere to be in. The tables and chairs are set up in a way that feels inviting and ultimately make you want to bring your boba squad here for a great night. Sip on some boba and snack on great food with friends, what’s more to love about that? Maybe bring some games with you too! Plus, they give you the wifi password because they know you’re going to stay long anyways, yay free internet! (The people with limited data understand the struggles). 

Here are some of their popular boba flavors. 

  • Black milk tea 
  • Taro milk tea 
  • Jasmine milk tea

Oh and yes, they have popcorn chicken for you and your squad to munch on while getting competitive in UNO. 

Ding Tea

Yet another popular franchise. Ding Tea actually first came from Taiwan if you didn’t know but they quickly gained traction and expanded over to America with open arms. Now with hundreds and hundreds of reviews and many locations across the world, many people enjoy their delicious boba very much! They used really pure and premium quality tea with their special vendors that they’ve built long term relationships with. 

Everytime you sip on Ding Tea you know you’re consuming quality. We know we like quality and we also know we like Ding Tea. With every sip we simply want more! They’ve truly perfected the flavor without sacrificing one ingredient for another, we feel they’ve been able to make a perfect balance altogether. 

Some popular flavors here include…

  • Winter melon milk tea
  • Honeydew milk tea
  • Signature milk tea
  • Lychee milk tea (one of our most favorite) 
  • Hokkaido milk tea 

Think You Know Better Boba Spots in Washington?

Please let us know! For those that are die hard boba fans in the Washington areas, message us or comment below on what boba cafes are just as good if not better than the ones we mentioned above. We know you boba lovers know some hole in the wall spots that we couldn’t find. Sharing is caring! 

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