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How to Make Thai Iced Milk Tea

We all know it or have seen it before. The bright orange and amber-colored milk tea. Why do Thai Milk Tea have such a vibrant color to it? Can it be food coloring? Is the orange color natural? Is this safe for us? Is Thai milk tea good for you? What is Thai tea made of? 

Hopefully, we’ll answer all this for you plus give you a great Thai iced milk tea recipe to work with. 

Generally speaking, Thai Milk Tea is made with black tea leaves, creamer, and toppings like boba pearls. This recipe guide will be utilizing the Thai Tea powder mixes that typically incorporate the orange color naturally. No need to worry whether it is harmful to you, simply indulge in the idea that you can make Thai Iced Milk Tea at home! 

This classic bubble tea flavor surprisingly tastes like Hong Kong Style milk tea. They’re both made with the same ingredients. There are slight notes of spices in Thai milk tea that you don’t find in regular black milk tea though. Thai milk tea adds another level of flavor and sweetness to the classic black milk tea. Try out this Thai milk tea recipe guide and let us know your end result!

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Prep Time

3 Minutes

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Cook Time

~20 Minutes

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Total Time

25 Minutes

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2-6 Servings

Ingredients you'll need
for making
Thai Iced
Milk Tea

How to Make Thai Iced Milk Tea

Step 1

Boil a pot of water and wait until it reaches a rumbling boil. Once you’ve reached that point, bring the heat down to a slight boil. Most likely around medium-high heat. From here you can begin to add your tea leaves to the water pot. Any non-stick water pot will do just fine, nothing fancy here! If you’re interested in what type of pot we like using, here it is from Cuisinart

Step 2

Once you’ve added your tea leaves, you’ll want to add your 3/4 of sugar into the tea water as well. Mix the contents in the pot until your sugar dissolves completely. Be mindful that sugar burns quickly, so it’s very important to keep stirring. Turn off the heat and let your tea steep for 10-15 minutes.

Steeping your tea for a longer duration allows you to experience more depth of flavors. Feel free to adjust to your taste or preference.

Step 3

After the steeping duration is over, find yourself a handy strainer. Use the strainer to filter your freshly brewed tea. Then allow it to cool to room temperature. Be sure you’re using one that has tiny holes. Not like your typical pasta strainer. A handheld strainer like this works extremely well, we actually have a bigger one in the office. 

Step 4

When you’re ready to serve, scoop some ice into a cup. Leave enough room for your Thai Tea mixture and creamer. Add in your freshly brewed, but cooled, Thai Tea into your cup and add your creamer.

We recommend using condensed milk as it works as an all in one solution for sweetness and milky consistencies. Since we like our Thai Iced Tea on the less sweet side, we add 1.5-2 table spoons of condensed milk, nothing more. Add as much to your liking, everyone’s different! 

After you take a sip, let us know how it tastes. Maybe even share how the recipe is with our exclusive group here. People in this group talk about boba on a deeper level, we’re talking boba veterans inside. 

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