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Best Boba Places in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia… probably one of the states with some of the richest history in terms of culture and environment. 

Before we get into the best boba places in Atlanta, maybe you’re visiting the area and want to see what’s out there to try. Let us tell you here’s some of the coolest places to check out here in Atlanta, maybe even with a boba cup in one hand and your phone in the other (you know, for the gram). 

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coca-Cola, Piedmont Park are just a few spots that you should definitely check out if you’re visiting. 

Now to top if all off, while you’re visiting those places we just mentioned. Continue reading for the best boba places in Atlanta so that you don’t have to go thirsty visiting all those cool spots! As you read you’ll find our favorite boba shops in Atlanta, bubble tea shop reviews and suggestions of some of our most favorite or top boba flavors. 

Honey Bubble Tea

Just the sound of the honey makes us want to have boba tea right now. Here in Honey bubble you will find yourself confused about which milk tea you would like to order. Trust me you might want to order all of it because each flavor will not disappoint. 

If you’re wondering what bubble tea flavors to give a try. We’d highly suggest Honey Bubble’s Signature Royal Milk Tea with boba pearls. But if you want something out of the ordinary you can try Honey Bubble clear bubble tea. It’s made with the best loose leaf teas and ayurvedic teas. A kind of blend that is used for raising your energy levels, helping your metabolism, and detoxifying your body.

Sounds like a healthy tea to us! 

Kung Fu Tea

Here’s a bit of backstory for you in case you’re interested. 

It was around 2009 when a group of friends who just returned home from a trip to Taiwan. As they were walking they came to find themselves craving for the bubble tea they used to have as kids, and finally, as they found a store and ordered drinks, they came to realize that it was not as authentic as the ones they had. That is when they came up with the idea to start their own business venture. They called their friend a bubble tea expert who lives in Taiwan to help them pursue their dream.

After so many trial and errors, they finally made the perfect boba tea, each ingredient carefully picked, with patience, excellence and mastery they opened their new store. How inspiring of a story is that? Almost like an American dream if you ask us, or a boba dream! 

Have a try at some of these flavors if you end up choosing Kung Fu Tea as your go-to boba shop. 

  • Coconut Milk Tea
  • Almond Milk Tea
  • Kung Fu Milk Tea
  • Rosehip Milk Tea

Boba Mocha

Sip, snack and socialize—the Boba Mocha slogan. 

True to its slogan, it is one of the best places to go here in Atlanta. Hang-out with your friends (like every boba shop) in this cozy café, buy some food, order your favorite boba tea and have fun chatting. 

Or gossiping, haha. 

Here in Boba Mocha, they serve a variety of dishes (in addition to boba) such as fried ice cream, fried tofu, red bean puff to name a few. These foods would go great with your favorite milk tea flavor! 

Here are some of their best sellers so you can give them a try. 

  • Stupid Cupid
  • Lovely Lady
  • Awakened Dragon
  • Yum Yum
  • Aloha 

Sweet Hut Bakery and Café

Ooh la la! Some of us here at Talk Boba really love delicious sweets like cakes, cookies, bread, and tarts.To be frank, we’d definitely choose a lifetime supply of pastries over diamonds (maybe). And this place is like the mother of comfort food, a caveat though, their pastries are Asian inspired, and that goes the same with the oh so delicious boba teas they sell. 

Can you imagine a mouthwatering matcha donut in one hand, and thirst-quenching bubble tea on the other, an epitome of a perfect day? 

Whenever you decide to spoil yourself, do order the Sweet Hut Milk Tea, Peppermint Milk Tea, Hong Kong Milk Tea and Thai Iced Tea with boba balls of course. These are some of our favorites. 

Boba Theory

A breath of fresh air at Emory Point, a spacious and relaxing place to spend some time catching up with your pals, or just hanging out by yourself, reading a book or working online. With a bubble tea of course. 

Here’s another bonus, the service crew is nice and friendly. Boba Theory has one of the highest-rated star reviews seen on yelp (take a look), because of the premium tea leaves and high- quality drinks they offer.

Some must-try flavors are Iced Boba Theory Signature, Winter melon, Lychee, and Coconut.

Quickly Bubble Tea

If you didn’t know, Quickly Bubble Tea is a chain of stores serving snacks and boba tea. The café is not that big and spacious, and the interior design is a bit behind the times, not really a good place to work or study. Other than that, the food tastes delicious especially the Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets and the Bubble Milk Tea is quite yummy and quite cheap compared to other Milk Tea shops in the city. 

Although their drinks are just average, still it is worth the price you are paying for. We highly recommend you try the Strawberry Milk Tea, Honey Milk Tea, and the Thai Milk Tea.

Tea Top

One of our favorite milk tea shops to visit. Here is a list of a few reasons why we love this place. 

Service-wise, they are very fast, you don’t have to wait that long to get your order. Entertainment, they have a shelf stacked with board games where you can play with your family or friends.  And lastly, the main reason why some of us keep coming back? Its bubble tea, especially the Sun Moon Lake Milk Tea, made with black tea and boba. Other great flavors are Grapefruit Green Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea 3Q.  


Did you know Sharetea has over 500 stores in 18 countries? On top of that each store uniquely designs that is appropriate for each location. All stores are different when it comes to the feel, size, serving and even the menu. 

But there is one thing that is consistent with Sharetea, it’s the quality of the drinks they serve. 

No matter where you are, which store you visit you can still taste the same premium quality goodness each Bubble Tea has, it’s like as if you never left the City. Try these boba flavors if you have a chance. 

  • Classic Oolong Tea
  • Classic Pearl Milk Tea
  • Fresh Milk Tea 
  • Black and Kiwi Fruit Tea with Aiyu Jelly

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it the best boba, bubble tea, milk tea in Atlanta. If you want to read or see more of what we do here at Talk Boba take a detour over to our Instagram @talkboba for more bubble tea craze. 

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