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Best Boba Places in Wilmington

We won’t create a fancy intro here to waste your time, so here’s the best boba places in Wilmington. 

Bubble Shack

Bubble Shack in Wilmington is a popular go to spot for Vietnamese food and cuisine in the local area. If you’re craving for some Vietnamese hoagie sandwiches every now and then like us, this is the perfect spot. Bubble Shack doesn’t seem to have much reviews in regards to any noodle soups like pho or beef noodle soup so here’s a fair warning, if you’re looking for some delicious soup than this might not be the place. However, they have bubble tea, milk tea or boba. 

This place tends to be more of a quick serve type of food service shop. It offers many varieties of their Vietnamese sandwiches alongside a delicious bubble tea. You’ll be able to find taro bubble tea (which seems to be the most popular), matcha bubble tea, strawberry fruit bubble tea, mango bubble tea and more. 


Tbaar is not only located in Wilmington, Delaware but it is also offered in many other places too like Philadelphia. This franchise offers both delicious hot and cold bubble tea, fruit smoothies with boba pearls and other vegetable juices that you might enjoy. Not many boba shops around have vegetable juices included in their drink menus, so this is definitely a unique spin on a traditional boba shop. 

Their most popular bubble tea or milk tea flavors are the traditional black milk tea, the delicious green milk tea and of course the brown sugar milk tea. Oh, before we forget, you can also grab yourself some amazing dessert crepes here. Order up some chocolate special with nutella or add a bit of fruit with banana and nutella! 


Probably one of the better tasting boba shops in Wilmington, Delaware. Tastea has many locations around the United States, some of their shops are even located across the US to the west coast in California. 

With many fans of their bubble tea and boba pearls, Tastea established themselves as a premium bubble tea shop across the nation. With kind words to say from their customers, they’re sure to make you impressed as well. This one in particular is located in the college part of town so you know many students are bustling around this place. 

Try some of their seasonal flavors before they’re gone: tiger milk tea and tiger milk. 

That’s all we have now for bubble tea in Wilmington. If you have anymore boba shops or bubble tea places you know that we should know about, of course please suggest it down below. Thanks for reading best boba places in Wilmington with us, feel free to share with your friends. 

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