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Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands You Haven’t Tried Yet

Are you a fanatic of Vietnamese coffee? We definitely are!

Here at Talk Boba not only do we enjoy a great cup of boba or bubble tea, but we also like to have some coffee from time to time! And when we indulge in coffee, we usually make ourselves Vietnamese coffee.

There’s just something really delicious about Vietnamese coffee compared to other coffees! Maybe because Vietnamese coffee is quite strong, and we need it for longer days. Although we try other types of coffee from time to time, we’ll focus on Vietnamese coffee here.

If you didn’t know, Vietnamese coffee or cafe sua da is usually a bit stronger than other types of coffee. Vietnamese coffee usually has a more energetic boost because of the caffeine amount. If you don’t mind a stronger flavor of coffee plus an extra bit of caffeine, Vietnamese coffee is for you!

Here are the best Vietnamese coffee brands we’ve found that you might be interested in trying. Trung Nguyen, Cafe Du Monde, and Lang Thang Coffee. Read more below!

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee

Of all the Vietnamese coffee blends we’ve found we think that this might be our favorite. It seems like a lot of other people enjoy this brand as well! After all, it has over 500 positive reviews.

What makes Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee so great is that its authentic. Their coffee beans are actually grown, processed, and roasted in Vietnam. It doesn’t get more legitimate than that.

Trung Nguyen’s premium coffee blends include Arabica, Catimor, and a few other coffee beans. This blend makes for a powerful Vietnamese coffee. With the right amount of sweetened condensed milk, the flavor is unforgettable.

If you didn’t know, sweetened condensed milk is typically used in Vietnamese coffee. The sweetness and creaminess from sweetened condensed milk help to balance the strong coffee flavor. If you’re interested, Longevity is a very popular condensed milk used in most Vietnamese coffees.
Have a look below at our favorite premium blends from Trung Nguyen below.

Cafe Du Monde Vietnamese Coffee

Another delicious Vietnamese coffee brand that we enjoy is Cafe Du Monde. Their brand is very great for Vietnamese drip coffee. The taste of their coffee blend is a very similar to Trung Nguyen’s. Which is probably why we enjoy it just as much.

In comparison we think Cafe Du Monde has a smoother texture. Nothing beats a good mouth feel right? Plus, Cafe Du Monde blends are conveniently grounded up for you. This makes it especially easy to prepare if you’re in a rush, we know how mornings can be sometimes.

We also realize Cafe Du Monde has comparably lower acidity in its taste. In fact, the low acidity is a huge part in how smooth the coffee texture is.

Plus, Cafe Du Monde Vietnamese coffee has the most reviews on this article. View it below.

Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory, 15 Ounce Ground
14,221 Reviews
Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory, 15 Ounce Ground
  • Original French Market Coffee Stand coffee
  • Coffee and Chicory. Can contains 15oz of ground Cafe Du Monde Coffee
  • This popular New Orleans landmark has been located in the French Market since the early 1860's.

Lang Thang Vietnamese Coffee

Just like Trung Nguyen’s Vietnamese coffee, Lang Thang Coffee is also grown and processed in Vietnam. Saigon to be specific. Their signature blend includes a mixture of Arabica coffee beans, soy, and peaberry. If you don’t know what peaberry coffee beans are, maybe have a look here.

We haven’t tried Lang Thang Vietnamese coffee as much as the other two above. But we’re definitely pleased with it nonetheless. Initially we loved that the bold flavor is very much present. And the balance of intensity and peaberry coffee flavors are quite interesting.

The unique coffee bean blend of Lang Thang’s Vietnamese coffee almost resembles a hint of vanilla. It’s quite nice actually. Let us know, you be the judge!

How to Make Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Coffee)

Vietnamese coffee is very simple to make. All you need is 2 ingredients and a not so fancy drip filter. You can purchase a drip filter from your local kitchen supply store or online.

The ingredients you’ll need are the Vietnamese coffee blend (obviously) and sweetened condensed milk. Here’s the most popular sweetened condensed milk for Vietnamese coffee.

And lastly, you’ll just need that drip filter we talked about, the Phin filter. It’s simply a metal drip filter that can serve 1 cup of delicious cafe sua da or Vietnamese coffee for your needs! (See the filter below).
If you want step by step instructions on how to make Vietnamese coffee, read our full recipe guide here.

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set. Also known as a Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8oz. Gravity Insert. Multiple Sizes and Quantities Available
4,613 Reviews
Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set. Also known as a Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8oz. Gravity Insert. Multiple Sizes and Quantities Available
  • This Vietnamese Coffee Filter is made in Vietnam out of HIGH QUALITY stainless steel
  • The Ca Phe Phin is 8 oz. Enjoy with traditional ground coffee such as by Trung Nguyen
  • The GRAVITY INSERT on this Vietnamese Coffee Filter is easier than the screw down type

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