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4 of the Best Boba Toppings

If you’re new to drinking bubble tea or boba, you might be wondering what on earth are those black balls that people drink in milk teas? Well let us explain…

Those black balls are called tapioca pearls. Typically they’re cooked and swimming in a bath of brown sugar syrup shortly after in order to give its silky and tasteful flavor. But hold on one second, tapioca pearls aren’t the only boba toppings you can find for your delicious bubble teas. 

There are so many other boba toppings that are just as delicious! Tapioca pearls are your go-to classic boba toppings in any coffee or milk tea drink but we’re here to shed some light on a few more. Continue reading for the X best boba toppings to add in your boba. 

1. Tapioca Pearls 

To start the list off right, we’ll stick to writing a bit more about tapioca pearls. Also known as boba pearls, these delicious and chewy tapioca balls have been popularized since milk tea first originated in Taiwan. You’ll find these treats in most of your bubble tea shops, you can always opt out of these when you’re ordering your tea too!

Generally tapioca pearls will taste like brown sugar (like we mentioned before) but there are also some other flavors too. Some boba cafes will soak their cooked tapioca pearls in honey instead, so if you like honey you’re in luck! Others will make their tapioca pearls with simple syrup allowing for the tea in your drink to take over the flavor more. If you’re curious what your local boba shop has, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Read our full article on the origins of tapioca pearls, how it’s cooked and more here.

2. Popping Boba 

What is popping boba? Let us inform you about the awesome texture these so called popping bobas have. 

Popping boba is a type of boba topping that when chewed on (ever so lightly) it will burst with flavor inside your mouth. Many popping boba flavors are fruity, we’re talking about flavors like watermelon, mango and strawberry! There’s also other flavors too, like coffee and tea flavored popping boba. If you haven’t tried these yet, be sure you get a hold of some soon, they’re very delicious and fun! 

3. Pudding 

Puding? Yes. The type of pudding used in your favorite boba places aren’t those pudding cups that you think of when you were a kid, although they were just as good! They have more of a soft jello texture to them. They’re very delicate but have enough structure to them so that they go through your large reusable boba straw with ease as you sip your favorite boba flavor. By the way if you’re curious our favorite boba flavor has to be a really good taro milk tea. 

Some popular pudding flavors include matcha pudding, sweet milk pudding and coffee pudding. 

4. Jelly

Similar to pudding, but with more rigidity and texture. Jelly toppings are another great boba topping to pair with fruit flavored boba! 

Some popular flavors of jelly toppings include mango jelly, aloe jelly, grass jelly, brown sugar jelly and even coffee jelly. Let’s just say there’s a lot of flavors! If you ever want to change up your milk tea drinking experience go ahead and try some jelly. 

What’s Your Favorite Boba Topping?

Now that you know some of the best boba toppings there are in the milk tea industry, what’s your go-to? Join the conversation below and let us know what bubble tea topping is the best in your eyes. Also, if you think there’s better boba toppings that we listed here, don’t be afraid to let us know too! We’ll add it to the list. 

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