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How to Make Strawberry Bubble Tea

Did you know that strawberries have about 200 seeds on them on average? That’s crazy right!? Who would’ve thought such a small fruit would have such a number of seeds on it.

How does it even fit that much actually? 

Beats us. Anyways, with the refreshingly tangy but delicious sweetness of strawberries what more can you ask for? Maybe a strawberry bubble tea. Is one of your favorite fruits during the hot summer days is a nice juicy strawberry? Did you ever think what it would taste like in bubble tea form with some tapioca pearls?

Let us tell you, it’s absolutely amazing and very refreshing! With fresh strawberries (none of that powdered stuff) we can make a really tasty strawberry bubble tea that goes perfect with any meal. Typically we like to enjoy a nice strawberry bubble tea with a side of Vietnamese pork on a bed of rice. How’s that sound for a delicious meal? Or maybe barbecue pork on a bed of rice, you know… char siu! 

Enough with the meals, let’s begin the strawberry bubble tea recipe guide down below!

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Prep Time

10 Minutes

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Cook Time

20 Minutes

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Total Time

30 Minutes

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2-4 Servings

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Strawberry Bubble Tea

How to Make Strawberry Bubble Tea

Step 1

The first step is the longest step.

Let’s get a pot of water to a rumbling boil and steep our green tea leaves in that pot of water once it’s boiled. If you want to make this step even faster, you can use an electric water kettle.

You can buy these at your local department store. Or if you live in a new age, you can buy it straight from Amazon. We recommend buying from Cosori as we have one in our office. 

During this step, we’ll also have a separate pot of water to boil so that we can cook our tapioca pearls. If you bought some tapioca pearls in-store or online like these ones, be sure to follow the instructions. You can find cooking instructions on the back of the packaging for how to cook tapioca pearls.

Typically we cook our tapioca pearls for 7-15 minutes depending on how tough they are. A good tip is to actually try your boba pearls around the time you think they’re ready. Almost like trying pasta. Just so that you’re sure the texture is the right consistency you want.

Keep in mind it really depends on the tapioca pearls you buy. See the labels on the back before boiling for a specific amount of time. Some boba pearls like this one will be done in a matter of minutes! 

Step 2

If you’re taking the traditional route of boiling water in a pot, while we wait for it, let’s prepare the rest of the ingredients. Start with a handful of fresh strawberries. Begin by cutting off the leaves and placing the strawberries into a blender

Be careful, use a sharp fruit knife so that you don’t slip and cut yourself during this process. A great knife like a Japanese fruit knife from Kotobuki will work perfectly.

Step 3

Once you’re done cutting your strawberries and placing them into the fruit blender, your boiling water and tea should be ready to hop off the heat. Take your tea off the heat and let it cool to the side. Your boba pearls in the meantime will still need a few more minutes before having the right texture.

Just be sure to stir it gently as time progresses. Tapioca pearls tend to stick to the pot or themselves easily.

During this step, we’ll add the rest of the ingredients. Take 1/2 cup of creamer of your choices such as oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, or even whole milk. Pour it into the blender with your strawberries.

Add your 1-2 tablespoons of sweetener as well. We like to use honey to give our strawberry bubble tea a great aroma. Also, don’t forget to add the handful of ice during this step too! 

Finally, wait a few more minutes so that your tea is cooled to room temperature. Then add the freshly brewed tea into your blender.

Step 4

Last and final step, we’re almost there! Using your handy kitchen blender, blend everything up. You’re looking for a smooth slushy type of texture, similar to those icees you got as a kid.

Just a quick side note, don’t you think those melt so fast during the summer!? 

Anyways, once you’ve achieved the right texture, grab your favorite bubble tea glass and add your cooked tapioca pearls. From here, simply pour the blended contents you just pulsed up and give it one last stir in the glass. Now you’re ready to serve! 

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