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Best Green Tea for Milk Tea

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Positively Tea - Gunpowder Green Tea

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Chaganju - Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Best Flavor


Numi - Gunpowder Green Tea

Green tea is one of our favorite teas to drink during the day. The taste is subtle and not overpowering compared to stronger teas like black tea. This makes it so that we can drink a couple of cups of green tea a day without feeling like it’s too much.

Plus, there are great benefits to green tea too! Just to name a few health benefits, green tea helps with weight loss, digestion regulation, and even brain functionality. Maybe we should write an article about the health benefits of green tea in depth! 

However, we wanted to share our favorite green teas that we use for regular drinking and milk tea. Many of these green teas below are loved by many, not just Talk Boba, and we’ll let you know why. If you or a friend are big tea drinkers and want a new green tea brand to try out, you’ll want to stick around.

Read about the best green tea for milk tea down below! 

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Davidson's Tea - Gunpowder Green


VAHDAM - Himalayan Green Tea


Chaganju - Japanese Sencha Green Tea


Tealyra - Jasmine Green Tea


Numi - Gunpowder Green tea


Stash Tea - Premium Green Tea


Positively - Gunpowder Green


Solstice Exotic - Loose Leaf Green Tea


Panteger - Himalayan Green Tea


Davidson's Tea - Gunpowder Green

  • Best overall green tea 
  • Strong flavor

If you don’t already know about Davidson’s Tea, you’ll want to get to know them very soon. This Gunpowder green tea boasts the most reviewed green tea on Amazon (see for yourself)!

There’s just nothing else compared to the taste, review count, and value that this green tea offers.

Having a strong flavor and being certified organic, you know there’s nothing but high quality here with Davidson’s Tea. Plus Talk Boba isn’t the only one recommending this green tea, thousands of other people are too! 

We can already taste delicious green milk tea with this.

VAHDAM - Himalayan Green Tea

  • World’s freshest tea leaves 
  • Best quality green tea leaves 

Vahdam tea company is another (very close) runner up to the high quality green tea Davidson’s Tea company offers. The unique product offering of Vahdam is that they bring rich loose leaf teas from the Himalayas.

This makes their tea one of the purest!

And on top of that, they have been crowned as the “world’s freshest tea leaves to over 83 countries!” If that doesn’t want to make you want to try out their green tea for a great green tea milk tea, we’re not sure what else will. 

Chaganju - Japanese Sencha Green Tea

  • Great earthy taste 
  • One of our top 3 favorite green tea’s 

The most important part about this tea we have realized is that this one doesn’t taste much like grass. You’ll find that other teas, green teas especially, tend to taste somewhat like it’s directly from the ground and super earthy.

Even though a balance of earthy tastes is good, if it’s too strong, you might be put off. In the case of Chaganju’s tea, you won’t have that worry.

Give it a shot with your next cup of tea or green tea milk tea! 

Tealyra - Jasmine Green Tea

  • Consistent flavor profile after multiple cups 
  • Great aromatics 

There are some loose leaf teas that round up their tea leaves. It’s tightly packed into small balls or pearls. And the best part about this is that it makes for a very consistent brew. The dense pearls allow for more of a robust taste too!

You’ll find that this green tea from Tealrya is a bit more aromatic than many. Being that it’s rounded up, the green tea leaves hold their flavor and aromatics really well! 

Numi - Gunpowder Green tea

  • Full-bodied green tea 
  • Top 3 favorites from Talk Boba 

Another gunpowder green tea? Yep, that’s correct!

Here’s a gunpowder green tea that is a great runner up to Davidson’s gunpowder green tea. Not many have tried Numi Organic teas as much as Davidson’s Tea company. But that shouldn’t deter you from trying this one.

In fact, we might like the overall flavor profile of this one more than Davidson’s Tea. Why? Their fragrant, full-bodied taste of green tea is very satisfying for a morning cup of tea or green tea milk tea. It’s a must-try! 

Stash Tea - Premium Green Tea

  • Over 40 years of satisfying tea making experience  
  • Best overall green tea for beginners 

This Japanese style green tea from Stash Tea has a delicate flavor profile. It also has a nice aromatic profile.

It’s not too strong compared to other teas in this list, in terms of the taste. But that’s the beauty of it.

With a delicate flavor profile, you can drink this all day long without having the feeling that you’ve had enough. Stash Tea has been operating for more than 40 years in the tea industry so you’ll know that they have experience. And with that experience comes great high quality tasting tea. Have a try for yourself! 

Positively - Gunpowder Green

  • Smooth tea drinking experience 
  • Strong caffeine levels 

We’ve tried many other tea flavors from Positively Tea Company before and one thing stays consistent.

Their velvety smooth texture across all their teas are very unique and their gunpowder green tea is no different.

With strong levels of caffeine and great flavor paired with the smooth texture after each sip, you’ll love Positively Tea Company very quickly! Try out the gunpowder tea and make a green milk tea for yourself and let us know what you think. 

Solstice Exotic - Loose Leaf Green Tea

  • 6 Different green teas in one 
  • Best tea set and assortment for gifting

This selection of green tea from Solstice Tea Traders is great as a gift if you’re looking to buy something for a tea drinking friend. A perfect gift for a friend during the holidays or special occasions.

This assortment of green gets you a variety set of 6 different loose leaf green teas ready to be used for drinking. The flavors and unique green teas in this set include dragon well green tea, gunpowder green tea, sencha green tea, Yunnan green tea, fannings green tea, and Chinese pan-fired green tea

Panteger - Himalayan Green Tea

  • Produced in the Himalayas 
  • Delicate and nutty flavor profile 

Harvested and picked from the Himalayas, Patenger’s Himalayan green tea.

The rich soils and high altitudes of the third highest mountain in the world continually produce some of the best and pure tasting green tea you can find.

If there’s anything worth noting here, it’s that the tea here is full of delicate tastes paired with a nutty after taste. If you had to ask us, this makes for an amazing green tea drinking experience.

Learn more about green tea below!

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