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Ube vs Taro

What does ube taste like? What is purple yam called in India? Is ube and purple yam the same? Is taro root purple? These are all questions you might be asking yourself about the differences between ube and taro. Hopefully, in this article about ube vs taro you’ll be able to find your answers. Read more about the differences and similarities between ube and taro.

Ube is a popular tuber or root vegetable made popular in many cuisines around the world, especially the Philippines. Another very popular name for this root vegetable is purple yam (Dioscorea alata). The outer appearance of ube is brown and rough to the touch. However once cut open and the inside is presented, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a very vibrant royal purple color. Ube’s flavor profile can be described as subtlety sweet and nutty. Its popularly made into ice cream, bubble tea or boba, cakes and more. 

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Taro however is very similar in shape but the appearance and even the taste is quite different. First, the appearance on the outside may seem a bit similar however once cut open, you’ll realize ube has a royal purple flesh where as taro has a pale white flesh with purple specks. And as for taste, you’ll find that ube is sweeter and more delicate in terms of a starch or food. Many people confused ube with taro but once you learn the color differences, you’ll realize they’re very different! 

Ube vs Taro
Inside of Ube Vegetable

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