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How to Make Iced Peach Green Tea (With Real Peaches)

Iced teas of all sorts have made its way into many boba shop menus across the world. It makes sense. Iced tea pairs extremely well with boba and fruit jellies!

Today you will be learning how to make a refreshing iced peach green tea. Later on, you can pair it with tapioca pearls or your favorite type of fruit jelly.

This iced peach green tea is the perfect balance of sweet, bold, and refreshing. And the best part, we’ll use real peaches.

Let’s make iced peach green tea at home.

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Cook Time

10 Minutes 

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Wait Time

~50 Minutes 

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Total Time

~1 Hour

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6-8 Servings

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for making
Iced Peach Green Tea

How to Make Iced Peach Green Tea

Step 1

Like any great cup of tea, the first thing you have to do is brew it fresh!
Let’s begin by grabbing a pot filled with water, 6-8 cups of water depending on how much you want, and bring that to a boil. Be sure to add your desired amount of loose green tea leaves. Usually, 4-5 green tea bags is enough. Once your water is boiling, allow the tea leaves to steep for 2-6 minutes.
Steeping brings out the flavor. The more you steep the more robust the flavor will be. The less you steep the more subdued the flavor will be. Steep at your preference for the most enjoyable iced peach green tea.
TIP: You can also use an electric kettle to decrease the cooking time. We recommend getting an electric kettle similar to this one from Miroco.

Step 2

Shall we keep it moving? Once the tea is done steeping, remove the tea leaves by straining them with your a mesh colander. You want to strain the beautiful and aromatic green tea into the heatproof container. We recommend this pyrex 8 cup container
In this step, you can add your desired amount of honey into the tea (we really recommend this because we love our tea sweet!). Make sure to stir well if you decide to add honey. Once this is done, allow the tea to cool down to room temperature.
TIP: Now is the best time to start cooking your boba pearls if you want them in your final product! If you don’t know how to make boba, we recommend you have a quick read of our blog post on how to make boba!

Step 3

Now that your tea is done cooling down, it’s time to add your fresh peach slices into the tea!
Cut up some bite-sized peaches and add it to your green tea! Give it a swirl and let it sit. For the best results, we recommend allowing the peaches to sit in the tea for 30-60 minutes! (trust us, the wait is worth it!)
Once the 30-60 minutes is over, it’s time to enjoy your tea! If you have boba, put the boba at the bottom of your serving cup, add a generous amount of ice, and pour your fresh peach green tea in!
Super simple, super delicious, and super satisfying! Let us know if you tried this at home and what you thought of it. If you want to talk more about boba, be sure to join our facebook group.
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