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5 Popular Bubble Tea Toppings and Add-ons

If you’ve ever looked at a boba shop’s menu, then you might have seen that there are different types of toppings you can get with your bubble tea. There are classic toppings like regular boba and then there are newer and more interesting add-ons like different types of jellies.

The question of which boba topping is the best is very subjective, but which is the most popular add on is a different question. In this article, we will dive into what the most popular bubble tea toppings are!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Tapioca pearls are by far the most popular bubble tea topping out there, it’s so popular you can get this on amazon. This topping started it all and is the original topping enjoyed by many. One might say it’s the grandfather of bubble tea toppings! 

These bubbles are made from tapioca starch and typically cooked in brown sugar to give its delectable sweetness!

If you’re not already familiar with boba pearls, then here’s a quick rundown! Bubbles are typically chewy and squishy in texture, have a sweet taste, and are usually brown (however, this isn’t always the case!)

If you’re curious about how to make your own tapioca pearls at home, then check out our article on how to make boba pearls.


Pudding, not your childhood pudding, has recently become a fan favorite of many. It is possible for the pudding to come in a variety of flavors, we’ve encountered taro and even flan flavored puddings in our Boba! 

The pudding topping for bubble tea is usually made with whole milk, non-dairy creamer, lactose-free milk, and sugar. It is usually paired with more specialty types of drinks.

Some boba shops near you may refer to pudding as “custard” and usually they are the same thing! Any one familiar with “dan tats”? 😂

Popping Bubbles

Popping boba and regular boba share only one commonality and that’s their shape. Other than that, popping bubbles and regular bubbles are very different toppings from one another!

Unlike the tapioca-based chewy bubbles, we mentioned above, popping bubbles burst with flavored juices. Typically the flavors for popping boba are fruit flavored but we’ve seen coffee and yogurt popping boba (the sky is the limit when it comes to the types of flavors you can get with popping bubbles!)

Popping boba is usually really great because once you pop one in your mouth you’re pleasantly surprised with a refreshing splash of flavor! Some of our favorite popping bubble flavors are mango, strawberry, and grape!

If you’re curious to know, popping boba has a unique texture. On the outside of this boba topping, you’ll find a thin gel-like exterior that encloses whatever juice flavor you choose. When pressure is applied to this gel-like skin, the bubble bursts and juice is released!


Different flavored jellies are another EXTREMELY popular boba topping!

The flavor of jelly really depends on where you go, but there are so many different flavors! Some that we have tried include aloe jelly, fig jelly, lychee jelly, herbal jelly, and strawberry jelly. The list just goes on… 

The team at Talk Boba likes to get jelly as a topping for our fruit-flavored drinks. It really adds an extra kick of delicious fruity flavor!

If you’re lucky, then your local boba shop might even make the jelly fresh which means that you’re getting one of the freshest and healthiest boba tea toppings!


Yes, we said that right! Beans are actually another very popular bubble tea add-on. We know, it sounds kind odd and almost nasty, but it really isn’t! We’re not talking about Bush’s Baked Beans here… 

The types of beans that are used as boba toppings aren’t your typical beans. They are usually red beans and mung beans, both of which are considered to be great dessert toppings in Asian culture.

Red bean is also known as adzuki bean and is made of dried red beans and sugar to give it a sweet taste. People typically describe red bean as having a grainy texture and being sweet, creamy, and earthy in taste.

Mung bean, also known as green bean, has an extremely similar texture and flavor profile as red bean.

There are actually many benefits of getting bean toppings for your boba! For example, beans are rich in fiber and protein! So if you’ve never tried red bean or mung bean in your bubble tea, then we recommend you give it a try! It’s delicious and healthier than other boba toppings.

There you have it, five of the most popular bubble tea toppings in 2019 that you should definitely try if you haven’t already! Any of these toppings is sure not to disappoint!

If you’ve already tried these toppings, let us know what you’re favorite one is below!

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