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Best Boba Places in Wichita

So if you’re looking for boba or bubble tea in Wichita, Kansas, chances are you landed on the right page. However, fair warning— there really isn’t that many boba places in Wichita, Kansas. 

What’s the reason for that? Most likely because of the diversity within this city. There’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s just not a melting pot like how New York City would be. Now that’s the place to be for some bubble tea! 

Anywho, we will still provide you (the beautiful reader) with some delicious boba spots in Wichita. By the way, do you call it bubble tea, boba or milk tea in Wichita, Kansas? We’re curious, let us know! 

Now— the best boba places in Wichita. Or is it the best milk tea in Wichita? Or the best bubble tea in Wichita? 

Just teasing, let’s begin! 

Boba Zone

Starting with number 1 (these boba places are not in any order by the way), Boba Zone! The team here at Talk Boba never actually been to this spot in Wichita but we still want to include it in the list because we did our fair amount of research. 

Across many review sites and boards we’ve found that this bubble tea spot has a solid average rating of 4 or more stars. Now that’s not something to turn away from if you ask us! Any food or beverage spot with 4 or more stars is worth the mention. 

From our research we think many of the popular flavors include: Jasmine milk tea, taro milk tea, Thai iced milk tea and strawberry milk tea. This bubble tea spot will definitely be on our list soon! 

IC Tea

This is your very typical bubble tea or milk tea store, not to say that’s a bad thing though! 

Many customers that come here enjoy their sips of milk tea and bites of chewy boba pearls. And we’ve done the same! You’ll find all the classic flavors of milk tea here (taro, Thai tea, black milk tea and more) so don’t expect any fancy flavors that you might find at other places like Boba Guys.

They’re located right in the city so if you’re around town be sure to stop by. Also if you have a family of little kiddos, this place also offers delicious dessert crepes! Yep, you can order up a honeycomb crepe with a scoop of ice cream and add additional toppings like pocky sticks, gummy candy and more. 

Let us know if you come here for the honeycomb crepes! 

Kung Fu Tea

We all have heard of this before right? We don’t really think we have to say much about this place but let’s begin shall we? 

Though this place is a franchise, the best part about it is that you can expect the same exact flavor and experience no matter what location you go to. Kung Fu Tea has many locations around the United States and there’s no stopping now. 

They’ve perfected the cup and art of making milk tea at scale without sacrificing on quality, the most important part. If you’ve never tried this spot before, you’ll definitely have to give it a chance. They’ve done a great job to bring boba to places like Wichita and bridge the gap between Asian drinks and American culture. 

It’s a win-win for everyone (and delicious)! 

Satisfied with our article on best boba places in Wichita? Or should we add more locations? Please let us know, suggest in the comments below what location we should add if you have any ideas. Maybe there’s a hole in the wall spot that we haven’t heard about and only locals know of. 

Thanks for reading with us. We hope we didn’t make you crave boba too much! Read more below if you’re interested in learning some recipes. 

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