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Best Boba Places in Omaha

There are only quite a few boba places here in Omaha that we know of and have been to. 

Unless some other boba shops haven’t appeared on the map, do let us know by joining our Talk Boba community, reply on the comment section and tell us more about some best kept secret boba shops here in Omaha. 

Here are the best boba places in Omaha below. 

Thirst Tea Café

Thirst tea café serves soft serve ice cream, onigiri, Takoyaki and best of all Boba tea. They have a variety of flavors to choose from and a variety of toppings, boba, jelly and popping boba. What is the difference between boba and popping boba? Boba has a chewy texture when you bite into it, with popping boba it “pops” when you bite it and then a gush of fruity flavor comes out. It is made with potassium sorbate, calcium lactate and seaweed extract. It is safe to consume by the way.

Give it a try!  

Kung Fu Tea

When I say Bubble tea you say Kung Fu. I’ve never ever seen bubble tea without Kung Fu Tea, it’s a name you cannot ignore-nore. Kung Fu Tea is arguably the biggest bubble chain in all of America.

We’ve been to several chains already and never had we been disappointed. Whenever we’re in a new city, we always look for Kung fu tea, we may not be sure about other things in my life except with our bubble tea.

If you haven’t tried them yet be sure you do. They have tons of flavors for boba to choose from. There’s a flavor for anyone here.  

The Tea Smith

It all started in a tea ceremony, chanoyu. They were amazed by how they honor and celebrate using teas. The passion and devotion they had for tea were astonishing, in an instant they were captivated. Several years later, after they travelled domestically, they rediscovered the art of tea and how to make tea the proper way, now it has become a part of their lifestyle that they want to share with other people. The craft of tea making has inspired them to venture into the tea industry and later on expand and acquire modern trends such as boba. 

Here are some boba or milk tea flavors we’ve tried. 

  • Pearl Milk tea
  • Lavender
  • Coconut
  • Matcha 


If I were to translate yumcha, Yum, short for yummy in English and Cha, means tea in Chinese, We’d  say Yummy Tea, indeed it is. 

Here in yum cha, you can request for sugar level depending on your taste, you can also choose a variety of flavors kumquat, oolong, jasmine with taro- this one is the best so far, coconut, rose, and lavender (of course among others, these were the ones that had the best appeal to us). The only downside to this was there was only one cup size to choose from, but other than that it was a good bubble tea experience.  

There you have it! 

We just covered the best bubble tea shops here in Omaha, if you have any suggestions, recommendations, questions or just want to have a nice chat to other boba lovers, feel free to reply on our comment section below. We also offer exclusive deals in our shop and also sell custom pins if you’re looking for some cute things to buy for your friends. 

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Bubble Bee

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