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Best Boba Places in Vermont

Anyone familiar with Vermont in any way? Since you’re searching this you’re probably looking for some boba or bubble tea spots. Before we get to that, did you know these things about Vermont? 

Vermont is known for its maple syrup, beautiful scenery and home to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! Say What? Yeah, Ben and Jerry’s started right here in Vermont. You can even take factory tours at their Vermont location, it’s pretty neat. Nothing’s better than touring the factory of your favorite ice cream maker while eating their ice cream. 

Okay, enough of what Vermont is known for, we’re here to learn what the best boba places are in Vermont. In case you’re visiting or you’re just curious, we hope this list of boba cafes and bubble tea shops help you in some way. Vermont isn’t known for bubble tea and boba but we’ll try our best! 

Best Boba Places in Vermont
Ben and Jerrys VW Van

Dobra Tea

Sharing the passion of tea and culture across the United States, this franchise is known for some of its high quality teas. Made with high ingredients and premium tea leaves, you’ll be sure of having some of the best boba at Dobra Tea in Vermont. Some customer favorites include green tea and black tea with tapioca pearls. You’ll also be able to order just hot tea (in Gaiwan tea cups) here too, which is mainly what they’re known for. 

Joyce’s Noodle House

Since Vermont isn’t quite known too much for boba or bubble tea you’ll have to get creative in your search. This noodle house located in the Essex Junction area of Vermont will hold some of the town’s most delicious Asian cuisines but also have a great selection of boba. Their ingredients are fresh and absolutely delicious. If you go ahead and try this place out, we recommend getting the flat noodles and a side of boba tea, you can’t go wrong with black milk tea too! 

Fresh Bubble Tea and Juice 

Just like the name suggests, fresh bubble tea with delicious tapioca pearls are made here. Find yourself some Hong Kong style milk tea with bubbles or taro milk tea with tapioca pearls and enjoy yourself a yummy sip! Many residents of Vermont have been waiting for a dedicated bubble tea shop or boba cafe like this. If you’re around the area, don’t miss this gem! 

What Boba Cafe in Vermont Will You Try?

Now that you know of the best boba places in Vermont, which one will you try? Let us know by joining the conversation below (leaving a comment) and we’ll be sure to answer! Also, if you have any other suggestions of the best boba places in Vermont, please let us know. We’re sure there are hole in the wall type of boba cafes that we haven’t come across yet. 

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Braganza Tea

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