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How Much Caffeine is in Tea?

For the most part, all types of tea will have some amount of caffeine. 

But of course, the amount of caffeine in tea is far lower than the amount found in coffee or espresso drinks. The caffeine in tea is different from the caffeine in coffee. 

Caffeine in Tea vs Caffeine in Coffee

We just mentioned it, but the most known is that the caffeine in tea is less than coffee. Sometimes it’s a quarter of the amount of caffeine compared to coffee. 

So if you have a cup of coffee with 100mg of caffeine, you might find a cup of tea to be 25mg of caffeine in contrast (depending on the type of tea of course). 

Aside from the amount, the quality and effects of caffeine are different too. 

When drinking tea you’ll realize that caffeine is like a slow burn. It will gradually stimulate you and provide alertness over a prolonged period of time. Whereas coffee works at a faster pace. It will provide the same stimulus, but in a very rapid way. 

This is part of the reason why many find themselves crashing when drinking a cup of coffee. Whereas tea drinkers ease into the stimulus and gradually subside from it. 

Ranges of Caffeine for Popular Types of Tea

  • How Much Caffeine is in Green Tea? 25-60mg 
  • How Much Caffeine is in Black Tea? 45-75mg 
  • How Much Caffeine is in Herbal Tea? 0-10mg 
  • How Much Caffeine is in Oolong Tea? 20-40mg 
  • How Much Caffeine is in White Tea? 30-55mg 
  • How Much Caffeine is in Fermented Tea? 15-30mg 
  • How Much Caffeine is in Yellow Tea? 15-35mg 

Take note that these are ranges and different varieties and types of each tea group can vary in caffeine as well. If you’ve enjoyed this short article about how much caffeine is in tea, feel free to share it with some friends. 

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