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Best Boba Places in Seattle

Seattle is known for many of its coffee shops, especially Starbucks on every corner in this city. But what about its bubble tea and boba shops? We’ll hope to change that and show some great boba places in Seattle for you.

Seriously though…

We’re curious, is the stereotype true about every corner having a Starbucks or a coffee shop? People in Seattle must be caffeinated every second of every minute! The tolerance must be out of this roof. 

We’re sure with that amount of consumption comes quality coffee though. Anywho, let’s read about the best boba places in Seattle. 

Young Tea

We had to look up Young Tea and double check the number of reviews after what everyone is telling us about them.

We found over 470 positive reviews. Now that’s impressive for a bubble tea shop. Do you think this beats out some of the coffee shops nearby?

Young Tea in Seattle serves up what some would say the best jasmine milk tea around here. At a glance you might think this is any ordinary coffee shop but in fact it’s a tea shop. You’ll be able to grab your delicious bubble tea, milk tea or boba right here.

They also have tasty treats too like Chinese egg tarts (if you’re familiar with that) and other pastries. 

If you’re asking yourself what flavors you should try allow us to suggest jasmine milk tea. Feel free to give their oolong milk tea and matcha milk tea a taste too. Let us know how you like it. 

Wow Bubble Tea

Right off the bat you’ll have to try Wow Bubble Tea’s drinks with fresh fruit in them. Many of these are boba smoothies actually.

We recommend their all natural strawberry smoothie with boba pearls. It’s absolutely delicious! The right tang and sweetness is key. Plus, nothing beats fresh fruit especially on a hot summer day. 

If you’re not in the mood for their smoothie drinks, try classic taro or Thai milk tea. These 2 bubble tea flavors are by far some of the best. The rich colors and depth of flavor in both of these drinks are something we always look forward to when we’re around

With over 300 positive reviews you can’t pass this up!


We’re sure you’re aware of Sharetea from the United States. Seriously it’s all over the place. They have hundreds of locations around the US and many love them!

Just like the bigger franchises, Sharetea also “shares” some quality traits. With their consistency and high quality use of ingredients you’ll be satisfied all the time. No matter what location you go to.

Fun fact, they’ve literally been around since 1992. Let us share with you their top 10 drinks in case you’re interested (but we’re sure you are). 

  • Peach kiwi tea 
  • Thai iced tea (slush)
  • Traditional black milk tea
  • Strawberry (slush)
  • Lime mojito (yep, they offer more than milk tea) 
  • Matcha with milk foam on top
  • Winter Melon lemonade (yep, they have fruit teas too)
  • Hawaiian Fruit tea (very delicious)

20oz Tea

20oz Tea’s milk tea is also very consistent amongst other franchises. Like Sharetea for example.

We think what makes 20oz Tea shine so bright is the fact that they don’t try too hard to impress people. They’re very focused at making the best milk tea they can with their internal team and that in itself translates into a great product. Thus consumers and bubble tea lovers enjoy their bubble tea very much. 

They do have a unique flavor from time to time to grab some attention though. One example is their blue strawberry lemonade. This isn’t milk tea but you can add boba pearls to it if you want to!

The tanginess and right amount of sweetness are very tasty. Overall the beverage is refreshing during the hot months of the year. When it’s not raining in Seattle, this flavor is perfect for a sunny day. 


Bobachine is known as “Seattle’s place for bubble tea.” 

We can talk about the boba and milk tea here but let’s switch cups for a bit. The founder behind this brand is as much of a machine in Entrepreneurship as Bobachine is in making people smile after each sip

Did you know the founder of this bubble tea shop has a portfolio of companies in complete opposite industries? A few being a record company or nightclub.

How interesting is that? 

Well aside from those incredible ventures, the boba itself here is delicious. Try some of their lychee milk teas, mango milk teas or honey milk teas! 

Will You Grab Some Boba in Seattle Today?

Rain (especially in Seattle) or shine, boba warms the soul every time! Here was the best boba places in Seattle we’ve been able to find and hopefully you’ll be happy with this list too. 

We know there’s some hole in the wall boba spots that we might’ve missed but we’ll leave that up to you to decide if you want to share it. Comment those down below if you end up wanting to and we’ll do our part to add it to the list. 

Thanks for reading the best boba places in Seattle, remember just talk about boba, duh! 

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