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10 Boba Questions with a Talk Boba Team Member

Mel from Talk Boba

Ever since I had boba or bubble tea for the first time I couldn’t stop sipping! I’m so glad to be part of a team that wants to continue bringing the idea of boba to the rest of the world while speaking on culture. I think more and more as the world becomes more connected, it only makes sense to learn about each other’s cultures on a deeper level so that we can respect each other’s differences. This is what Talk Boba is about! (And to sip some milk tea of course).

1. What’s your favorite boba flavor and why?

I personally really enjoy having a well made Taro milk tea with boba pearls. There’s just something about Taro milk tea that makes me want to keep drinking it. Maybe it’s the beautiful color! I mean, I do like purple a lot… 

2. What was your 1st reaction to boba that you can remember?

My first reaction was literally “where was this my whole life?” I had a late start with boba drinking, my first time having one was in high school. If you’re wondering, the first boba flavor I tried was Thai Milk Tea and it was delicious!

3. If you were to name your own boba flavor what would it be?

If I had to give a boba flavor any name it would simply be “The Addiction.” Once you have one flavor of boba it’s hard to stop getting more from time to time, they’re just so good!

4. How much sugar percentage do you usually get?

Usually I don’t like my boba or bubble tea to be too sweet, so somewhere around 50-60% will do just great for me. How do people drink 100% 3-4 times a week? 

5. If you can choose anyone to go on a boba date with, who would it be?

My best friend! Her name is Jen.

6. What boba toppings do you usually get?

The classic boba pearls of course! Sometimes I like to get jello from time to time if i’m feeling a little crazy that day. 

7. Why do you think people should try boba?

It’s amazing duh! Seriously, it’s very delicious and it allows you to experience another culture through a beverage. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll have too! Try something different other than your typical coffee in the morning, go for some bubble tea across the street from your favorite cafe if there is one! 

8. How often do you drink boba?

Not as often as some other people here in the team, but I do drink it more than the average person. Maybe 3 times a week, sometimes 5 at most, let’s just say I like my boba very much! 

9. Do you think boba helps to bridge other cultures together?

Yes! Experiencing another popular drink from a different culture allows you to understand a bit of the tastes and flavors that culture is comfortable with. Now that boba or bubble tea is a bit more mainstream, more people know about it. Here at Talk Boba we’re here to continue the conversation with boba and bubble tea but also begin speaking more on Asian culture as time progresses, we think we have a unique position in this industry worth speaking about.

10. If it’s one thing you want more people to pay attention to, what would it be?

Inclusiveness. Pay attention to inclusiveness especially in the Asian demographic. More and more Asians are realizing their dreams through their creative and artistic endeavors and I think it’s so cool! Asians are finally beginning to break away from stereotypical roles like doctors (not that it’s wrong to be one) and becoming big time actors and more. This demographic is starting to not feel stuck and gaining more opportunity as time progresses, I think that’s amazing!

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