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Best Boba Places in Indiana

Here’s a fun fact about Indiana.

Did you know that Michael Jackson and his siblings were from Indiana? Show of hands 🖐 in the comments below who knew about this? (To be honest, we didn’t actually know about this). But hey, Michael Jackson wasn’t known for where he came from, he was known for being a musical icon! 

Now that we got that fun fact out of the way, let’s focus on what really matters here, at least right now. The best boba places in Indiana. Does Indiana have a great diverse food scene, we’re not quite sure about this actually.

But as we looked for the best boba places here we couldn’t find much. We hope the 3 best boba places in Indiana (you’ll read about them soon) are the best you’ve ever tried! Have a read about them below. 

Taiwan Tea House

This delicious spot isn’t just a bubble tea or boba destination, it has amazing food too! According to the reviews that we’ve seen thus far, a lot of people love coming to Taiwan Tea House for both milk teas and entrees. Being Taiwanese inspired people love the cultural flavors and fresh ingredients.

Plus, the owner is notably very nice and welcoming (what a great first impression). If we were to suggest anything from here, a great meal would include 1 entree and 1 milk tea of your choice. We’d recommend getting a bowl of noodles and soup with a side of green milk tea (one of our favorites). Don’t wait any longer, visit this place soon if you’re in the Indianapolis area. 

See other classic boba and milk tea flavors here.

Pho 21

Yes, we know this ia Vietnamese place… but who says that Vietnamese spots can’t have great bubble tea? And if it doesn’t, at least the food is great right? Here at Pho 21 you can be sure that you’ll receive quality (and quick) service along with a very satisfying meal. Just like what we recommended above, 1 entree and 1 side of milk tea.

For this place we’d definitely suggest getting pork chops over a bed of rice or pho (obviously) and a side of jasmine milk tea with jellies or boba pearls. We might just have to get some this afternoon… Vietnamese food and boba is always a great pair! Even having cafe sua da on the side is great too. (Read more about cafe sua da here if you don’t know exactly what it is).

Moar Tea & Poke 

Poke say what? Yes poke the sushi rice bowls that have been all the craze around progressive cities! Does anyone here like a good poke bowl? Or maybe you just like to get the full on experience with delicious sushi at a fancy Japanese restaurant, both are just as good!

Here at Moar Tea (clever name if we must say) you can find yourself sipping on your favorite boba flavor like oolong milk tea, Thai milk tea and more! But you can also find yourself eating their delicious poke bowls. One of our favorites is the spicy salmon rice bowl with 5 delicious “mix-ins” like edamame, pickled radish, avocado and more! If you’re in the Indianapolis area and haven’t tried both boba or poke bowls, this hits the spot! 

Does Indiana Need More Boba Places?

We think so! We’ve only been able to discover 3 outstanding boba places that would be helpful for you (our audience). But we believe there has to be way more than this. Where ever our Indiana natives are, please let us know where we (the Talk Boba community) can get the best boba places

There has to be some hole in the wall spots for boba here right?

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Here’s more boba places:

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  1. Bapu has the best boba in Bloomington! Bapu TeaHouse, the original location, on 10th street is best if you want convenience. Bapu Fresh on Kirkwood is perfect if you want a cute cafe atmosphere. Sunny Poke & Tea also has good boba. While Bapu is the superior taste, Japonee Express has the best price point.

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