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Best Boba Places in Iowa

We have to know. 

What is there to do in Iowa? We know there’s a lot of wind turbines (like a crazy amount) and open fields all over the place, but we want to know. What do people do in Iowa to pass time? Are there great food places around the area? What about a diverse culture and ethnic backgrounds across the state? Questions questions questions… 

We’re just curious! We like to learn new things just as much as you like to sip boba. 

But we might not be as curious as you are about the best boba places in Iowa. If you’re here for that, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Talk Boba we’ve been writing articles non stop for our audience (the most engaging boba and bubble tea community) and we won’t stop now! If you want to read more just check out our blog here. We have guides, recipes, more best boba places (all 50 states) and more! 

Enough with the chitter chatter, let’s dive right into the best boba places in Iowa down below! 

Caffe Crema

This spot is definitely the cafe to be when you want all types of hot brewed beverages (and cold). They’re more known for their lattes like matcha lattes or regular vanilla lattes but don’t be fooled, their bubble tea is just as great. A cafe that knows how to brew, whether it’s coffee or tea, will ultimately know how to make a great boba tea for any customer. With the warm and inviting environment this Cafffe Crema offers, you’ll find yourself coming back more often than not. Some popular boba flavors that people order here include matcha milk tea and taro milk tea. Which is great, because we at Talk Boba love taro milk tea (and the occasional green milk tea)! 

See our recipes for taro milk tea and green milk tea here.

Pearl Tea 

This boba cafe is like many other boba cafes, awesome quality, great customer service and an inviting environment. It doesn’t get much better than that! Here at Pearl Tea you can order up some delicious milk teas that are freshly brewed, have yourself cream covered tea or taste some flavored milk teas. Some examples of great boba flavors they have include jasmine green milk tea, black sesame milk tea, brown rice tea with milk foam and more! The best thing about Pearl Tea is that they have all types of boba drinks covered, and the best flavors too! If you’re in the Cedar Falls area, please come check this place out. 

TJ Cups 

This boba cafe is pretty neat in how they serve you and really customized with their boba flavors. Starting off with step 1 you can choose exactly what brewed tea you want (not many boba cafes do this). For example if you want dark-roasted oolong tea in your matcha milk tea, you can definitely choose that instead of some other tea base. Onto step 2, you can choose up to 2 different flavors like a combination of mango and lychee if you’re daring! And lastly you can add as many toppings as you want (obviously with a few cents added on) but the customizability is what intrigues us the most! If you’re around the Aimes, Iowa area or you’re just visiting, be sure to check this place out. They have some great specialty drinks too. We’re talking about signature milk tea with honey pearls, strawberry matcha latte (premium of course), mango coconut beverages and so much more! 

Get inspired with some milk tea and bubble tea here.

Are There Better Boba Places in Iowa?

If you’re familiar with our other best boba places you’ll begin to realize that the less urban states tend to have fewer boba places. But why? It could be because the lack of food scene in these areas but that’s why we’re here! Talk Boba is here to find the best boba places in every state you can think of. We do the hard work of finding out the best boba places so you don’t have too. Find out the best boba places in your state here.

Join the conversation down below if you think there’s better boba cafes than the ones we just mentioned. We’ll be sure to add it to the top of our list! 

Alrighty now, let us go grab some boba for ourselves. Like always, just talk about boba duh! 

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Braganza Tea

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