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Where to Buy Oolong Tea?

We’ll help you find the best oolong tea there is to buy!

Here @talkboba we like talking about boba (duh!) but we also like to talk about what tea is the best and even where to buy it! This is exactly that article. 

Are you tired of using pre-made tea bags to brew tea at home during the winter? Why not try some loose leaf tea leaves and using a strainer to steep the best tea there is! Trust us, you’ll find a big difference in aromatics and even taste when using loose leaf teas. You can even go further with customization by using loose leaf teas too. Some of the best teas aren’t just one type of loose leaf tea but a blend of different loose leaf teas. 

Some teas may include a bit of oolong, green tea leaves and black tea to make a combination that is memorable and unique. Let’s find where you can buy oolong tea to brew or steep at home. 

Where to Buy Oolong Tea?

What is Oolong Tea? 

A very popular and traditional tea made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. (Did you know this plant is also used to make loose leaf green tea leaves or even loose leaf black tea leaves?) Oolong tea leaves typically go through an oxidation process that is not as long as black tea would go through but longer than what green tea would go through. Its oxidation process essentially is in the middle between the two, producing a very crisp brown color. 

The aromatics is closer to what black tea might be but just a little bit less robust and smoother, since the oxidation process isn’t as long. As far as taste goes, oolong tea has a very well balanced taste between sweetness and toasty-ness. The texture is also very smooth, a bit less than loose leaf green tea is though. 

If you’re looking for the middle ground between loose leaf black tea or loose leaf green tea, oolong tea is your next bet. It’s not as overwhelming as black tea can be and it’s not as light as green tea can be, making it the perfect balance for something that is aromatic, deep in flavor but very smooth. 

Where to Buy Oolong Tea?

Where to Buy Oolong Tea? 

Like we mentioned before, the team here at Talk Boba like loose leaf teas more than the quick and convenient tea bags you might find from popular tea brands. With that said, we’ll only refer some of the best loose leaf teas around, for oolong tea that is. With the internet being the prime place to consume anything nowadays, we’re taking the same approach. 

Tea Forte Oolong

Tea Forte Oolong

This company has to be the best of the best when it comes to tea, especially oolong tea. When you search in google ‘best loose leaf tea’ you actually get this company as the first result. How amazing is that? 

Tea Forte has won many awards over the years with their groundbreaking, aromatic and delicious loose leaf tea blends. They’ve also won awards for their packaging and steeping system! Let’s just say they’re winners all around when it comes to the tea business. Here’s their one pound oolong loose leaf tea that you can purchase, check it out! We’re about to restock the office with some of these soon. 



This is another great tea company that offers the highest quality of loose leaf tea there is. They pride themselves in creating the best tea blends for the most delicious and aromatic flavors you’ll find. If you enjoy tea quite often, you’ll definitely enjoy VAHDAM, it definitely hits the spot for sure! 

See their oolong tea offer here! We actually grabbed ourselves one of these bags for our next rotation of tea in the office, it’s absolutely delicious! 

Tealyra Oolong

Tealyra Oolong

This tea company is one that we just recently found out about from a friend. After being recommended to try this tea company out, majority of our team is quite pleased (we tried them about 2 months ago)!

Not too much acidity but with enough robust flavor to enjoy the actual tea taste! We believe any milk tea starts with a strong tea base first, and this is definitely one of them. With the right steep time and water temperature you’ll have a very tasteful oolong tea. 

If you want to grab yourself one of these, don’t wait! 

Ti Kuan Yin Oolong

positively tea company oolong tea

Arguably this might be one of the best oolong loose leaf tea blends there is. With a very folk tale like history like being steeped only for emperor statuses, it only makes sense that this might be the best tea blend. This particular blend can be found across many companies nowadays like Positively Tea (we really like their packaging) or Numi Organic Teas.

No matter what store or brand of tea you buy these loose leaf teas from, you’ll find yourself enjoying the perfect cup of oolong tea. We still have yet to try this (we have a lot of tea to go through) but we can’t wait until someone brings this to the team, it’ll be a circle of tea drinking when it comes! 

How about those 4 oolong teas from the different tea brands we mentioned? Thinking about getting yourself one oolong tea bag for home? Maybe steeping some delicious oolong tea this winter? Let us know how you experience oolong tea if it’s your first time, maybe make it into a boba flavor with our recipe here too! 

Thanks for reading with us @talkboba blog, if you haven’t already, check out the rest of our blog and you’ll a lot more than just oolong tea. You can even learn how to make boba recipes right at home too! If your eyes are tired of reading, how about taking a look at our beautiful instagram account, over 42000 people engage with us there! 

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