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Best Boba Places Illinois

Anyone here from Chicago?

What are some of the nicknames of Chicago? We’re curious so we found out ourselves… Here’s some nicknames that Chicago has that many of you may or may not know about. We thought it was cool to share the Chicago vibes with our audience so why not! 

  • Mud City
  • Chi-Town (we’re sure you’ve heard of this) 
  • Windy City 
  • Heart of America
  • Chi-beria (especially during the winter season)

Now that we got educated on some nicknames of Chicago shall we move on to some boba places? We think so! Continue reading to find out the best (we mean the best) boba places in Chicago. 

Cassava Cafe

Open later than other places around the area, Cassava Cafe is a family owned bubble tea shop! It has organic and quality ingredients in their boba, a few snacks for the foodies and of course, board games for late night hang outs! What’s more to love than this? We’re surpised a family owned spot has so much! Did we mention, it also has a great review rating of over 150 reviews all being super positive. When you’re in Illinois specifically the Chicago area you’ll have to try this! 

Bingo Tea 

Now this hits the spot! Bingo Tea is a Malaysian Cafe serving up delicious boba and foods. You’re in for a treat if you ever stop by this place for boba. With the aroma and vibes of the place you’ll want to eat some of their amazing food as well. They’re serving things like chicken curry laksa, penang prawn mee, satay tofu, wings and more! Let’s just say, come here on an empty stomach to get boba and food. Thank us later! 

Argo Tea 

Nothing but pure premium quality tea here! Argo tea does more than just serving boba or bubble tea. On their site you can learn how to perfect brewing or even 101 facts about tea. Besides the education they provide for tea, we have to say their boba is pretty spot on too. Two of their signature boba drinks are the black tea coconut (made with Nilgiri black tea) and green tea raspberry (made with gluten free coconut pearls). Stop by here if you’re in town, you won’t regret it! 

Java and Mug 

If you’re from Chicago you have heard of this place! It’s a very popular all around dessert shop that is quite crave worthy. Of course this place sells your typical cafe stuff like coffee, tea and bubble tea or boba. But it also serves up some very instagram worthy waffle and ice cream platers, fruit bowls, macarons and more! We told you it’s an all around  dessert place… When you stop by the next visit in Chicago be sure to grab yourself (and friends) for your favorite boba flavor and a waffle with ice cream on top. Now this is the night you’ll want to end on! 

Bambu Cafe 

We’re sure you have heard of this place too. It’s quite popular with over 50 locations here in the United States. It’s Vietnamese inspired, not like your other types of boba cafes. Which brings a different element to your drinks and flavors that you can order here. Take for example their smashed avocado drink, it’s filled with fresh cut avocado, boba and a combination of different jelly! Another must try here is their bambu special, it has some amazing flavors from pandan jelly, longan, coconut water and even basil seeds! When you come here, you can try your typical boba flavors but when you see the other very innovative drinks you’ll be craving to try some.

Around Cafe 

Do we have to say anything more than 200 reviews with over 4 stars as the average rating? If that doesn’t sell you on trying this boba cafe how about this? In addition to the 200 positive reviews, this place is not only very aesthetic inside (perfect for the gram) it’s has very cute snacks too! You know those macarons with faces that you see in popular cafes around Asia? They have those here! Not only do they have the cute macarons with faces on them, their premium and high quality ingredients will satisfy your taste buds and make you crave for more next weekend. If it’s any of these boba cafes on this list, we highly suggest you visit this place. 

Chi-Town Got Some Delicious Boba

We know Chicago is undoubtedly known as the place to get deep dish pizza (how did this even come about) but we have to be honest, they have some killer boba too! 

Side note, is it true that people from Chicago don’t even eat deep dish and that it’s more of a tourist thing? We are hearing both sides of the story and we are starting to get confused!

Anyways, thanks for reading with Talk Boba here on the best boba places in Chicago! If you want to learn more about the best boba places in the United States just click here and pick a state! Until next time, just talk about boba duh! 

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Boba Tree

Modern boba shop located in Washington state serving you and your friends some great tasting bubble tea. They just started in 2019 too! Flavors worth


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