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What is Bergamot Orange?

Bergamot orange is a citrus fruit typically found and grown in coastal regions of Italy (but can be found in various other regions too). Bergamot orange is popularly known for its contribution to delicious earl grey tea. Anyone a fan of it here?

The essential oils produced in the bergamot orange are extracted and combined into what we tea lovers know as earl grey tea. One of the most popular flavored teas in the world today. It makes the tea aromatic with a distinctly fragrant flavor profile. 

What Does Bergamot Orange Taste Like? 

The flesh of the fruit itself isn’t quite desirable.

When eaten fresh the bergamot orange tastes bitter (if you don’t like grapefruit, you won’t like this) and quite acidic. 

Usually, people do not eat the fruit directly but instead use its essential oils, peels and other parts to add into other foods. People use bergamot oranges for desserts, teas, and even skin care routines. 

What is Bergamot Orange Used In? 

Flavored Teas

Like we mentioned above, the essential oils that can be extracted from the bergamot orange is used to make flavored teas. The most notable tea is the earl grey tea. 

One of the most popular teas in the world. 

If you’re curious what earl grey tea will taste like in milk tea, you can find our recipe guide here. 


Along with flavored teas, the essential oils can be fused to make fragrances or perfume for men and women. 

With the aromatic profile of bergamot essential oils, it adds a unique profile to certain fragrances. We haven’t actually experienced a bergamot orange infused fragrance ourselves but we can imagine it can be delightful.

If we can smell and experience the aromatics within earl grey tea, we’re positive it would be enhanced in fragrances around the world. 

Health and Skin Care

Another surprising use with bergamot oranges is that it can be great for your health. Some experts mention that it can ease stress and anxiety. Apparently it has great effects on the body to help stabilize your current state. 

Along with some health benefits, it can aid in your skin care routine. Depending on your skin it can help with acne. 

Be sure to do your own research and visit your doctor before implementing any of these opinions for your health and skin care routines. 

If you’ve learned a bit about what bergamot orange is, feel free to share this with your friends. Especially those that drink earl grey tea, they may not even know that the tea is made with bergamot orange’s essential oils. 

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