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Best Boba Places in Providence

Welcome to Providence.

To be more specific, we’re sure you landed right here on Talk Boba because you’ve searched something along the lines of best boba in Providence, best boba places in Providence, bubble tea in Providence, best bubble tea in Providence, or some other variation of that.


Here at Talk Boba we really plain and simple talk about boba. Nothing more, nothing less. From the best boba recipes, to the best boba places (like this article), to the best boba gear or merch. We’ve got it all when it comes to milk tea. In fact, there’’s over 40,000 boba lovers that continually check out our site or social media. We think we’ve made a name for ourselves around here don’t you think? 

Anywho, here’s the best boba places in Providence below. Let’s read what they are shall we?

Bubble Tea House 

We really love this boba spot; it is so fun and unique! Picture the perfect place for Instagrammers. 

The shop is full of decorations and they have these fun chairs, there is even one shaped like a jackfruit. And when it comes down to their milk tea, yes, they also serve jackfruit flavor. But that’s not what makes Bubble Tea house different from other shops. 

What truly makes them unique is that they offer a variety of flavors, like avocado and durian. Yes durian. Anyone here like that by the way?

Vivi Bubble Tea

“Customers above all, quality above all, effort from the heart”. 

Indeed, they provide the best service to their customers and serve premium quality drinks. No wonder Vivi Bubble Tea has already made their mark, they have more than 21 stores in the US. And they are also available for franchising. Who wouldn’t want Vivi Bubble Tea? Have you seen their menu and cups? It is so adorable, “kawaii”. 

But that is not the reason why we love Vivi Bubble Tea.

We enjoy it so much because their bubble tea suits our tastes, like the black milk tea that contains herbal jelly, egg pudding and boba balls, it’s just exquisite. You might want to try lychee and 3Q milk tea as well. But also, be wary of some other flavors like Oreo crème brulee. It can be a bit too sweet for some people (like some of us here) but if you’re into oreos and crème brulee this might be the best thing for you. 

Kung Fu Tea

Of course, who does not know Kung Fu Tea?

Kung Fu Tea spans across 6 different countries worldwide from USA, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Japan. Each location comes with the same boba consistency of premium quality drinks, with a bonus of extra nice, extra fast service crew. Doesn’t that sound very nice? 

We like ordering at Kung Fu Tea because you can sort of make your own drink. 

First, you must choose amongst four bases, milk, fruit, tea or non-caffeine, and then after you choose the base, you can proceed and choose the flavor that you want. We usually choose tea base, Oolong flavor, or Milk with coconut flavor, or fruit base with yogurt grapefruit. Despite having specific flavors on their menu, they’re always open to customizing your bubble tea drink exactly how you want it. 

Cold Kettle 

Here is another one of the best Milk Tea spots in Providence. They are known for their great tea and ice cream at an affordable price. Whenever you visit Cold Kettle, why don’t you try their Classic Milk Tea. It’s practically our go-to whenever we’re around town.  

So, Ladies and Gents, here you have it. No need to google search the best Bubble Tea place, Talk boba has it covered for you. Not only in Providence but in every other state in the United States too. We’re planning to expand our content to the best boba places around the world too. 

If you’d like to contribute to this, please comment below or reach out to us on our ‘Write for Us’ page.

For more information about bubble tea, check out @talkboba the very place where bubble tea lovers chat and ask for recommendations. Until next time, see you later! 

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