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Best Boba Places in Maryland

Are you visiting Maryland anytime soon? 

Maybe you’re visiting this beautiful state for its beaches on the coast. Or maybe you’ll be visiting for some national attractions like the national aquarium or Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine. 

Which ever you’re planning to do we can promise you that a good bubble tea will make the day much better! Just imagine it, the idea of sipping on boba while you’re on the beach during a cool 85 degrees Fahrenheit kind of day, unless it’s not summer of course… Or drinking your favorite bubble tea while reading what makes the Historic Shrine so amazing! 

Here’s where we come in, to help you find the best boba places in Maryland so that you don’t have too. Down below you’ll find the 7 of the best boba places in Maryland waiting for your visit. Don’t be shy, check them out below! 

Bubble Tea Cafe 

Do you gravitate towards restaurants or cafes that have a lot of positive reviews? If so, then this is the best places for you! WIth over 300 (let us repeat that, THREE HUNDRED) positive reviews across the board you’ll find that many people love this boba shop. After all, it’s called Bubble Tea Cafe so it only makes sense that they have great boba tea. Also it doesn’t hurt that their prices are very reasonable too! Check it out if you have a chance.

Some of the flavors we’d like to try for the next time are lychee milk, spicy chai milk tea, and red bean milk tea. What would you try? Maybe we can inspired you with some boba flavors here.

Wow Food Cafe 

What’s so “wow” about this cafe? We’ll tell you right now! They’re so wow because they have both amazing food and great tasting milk teas of course!

This place is owned by a couple who came from the mother land in hopes and ambition to live in the American dream. They eventually succeeded by opening up their own shop for themselves and the local community. How amazing is that? What do we recommended from here, glad you asked! We highly recommend getting a beef noodle soup with a traditional black milk tea. The beef noodle soup will balance the black milk tea very nicely.

What other boba flavor do you think will pair nicely with noodles? 

Chatime Maryland 

Fun fact, did you know that “cha” in Taiwanese means tea? We know, how clever right? Anyways we’re sure you’ve heard of Cha Time before, they’re only one of the most known bubble tea or milk tea franchises around the globe. Yes, globe! They’re located all over the place bringing great tasting milk tea to locals that haven’t had it before. Some of their popular flavors include their taro smoothies or milk teas and banana milk tea! If it’s any bubble tea cafe, Cha Time is the one you have to try at least once.

Taste Tea 

Of all the bubble tea and boba places we have mentioned across the 50 states that we reviewed, this place by far has the highest ratings we found. They have over 700 positive reviews that average 4 stars or more! Isn’t that wild, they must be good at their boba craft right? In our opinion what sets Taste Tea apart from other milk tea cafes is that they serve the traditional milk tea flavors the best. They found the right amount of balance between their premium teas and infusing it with milk. Their flavors aren’t too sweet, you’ll actually be able to taste the tea and it’s aroma! 

Plus, the tapioca pearls are perfectly cooked! Learn how to perfectly cook tapioca pearls or boba pearls like Taste Tea here.

Tea Do 

We think what makes this boba cafe really unique is for their snacks! Sure they sell great boba from flavors like strawberry with lychee jelly or taro milk tea but c’mon if you’ve been here before you know their onigiris are so tasty! If you don’t know what a onigiri is, here’s what it is in a nutshell. Onigiri is a rice ball wrapped with seaweed  that usually has some other ingredients inside whether it’s vegetables or meat. Let’s just say it’s a very delicious snack right after class or during your work break! 

Will You Try Some Bubble Tea Now?

Besides the aquarium or beaches in Maryland are you going to try some of these amazing boba places? You must! If you’re true boba lover, everytime you visit a new city or state you should be trying new boba flavors. Sometimes it can range from state to state, that’s how different boba can be! The best are when you can taste the tea along with the flavors of milk altogether. The perfect balance is key! 

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Best boba places here: 

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