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Best Boba Places in Charlotte

Surprisingly Charlotte, North Carolina is home to quite a selection of boba, bubble tea, and milk tea.

To our surprise, we’re pleasantly learning North Carolina is becoming more and more diverse. Which is a beautiful thing! Do you know what that means? More boba places! 


In all seriousness though, we’ve counted more than 20 boba places that can be included in an article like this. However, we’ve only included the top ones that we believe deserve to be on here. 

Have a look below at the best boba places in Charlotte, North Carolina below.

Tea Fusion Café 

Tea Fusion is one of our favorite boba bubble milk tea shops in the world.

We highly recommend this place for a sip of bubble tea. Hundreds of people who tried this café highly recommend this boba spot too. Tea fusion café always leaves us craving more. They serve delicious meals and boba teas. If you are new to the idea of boba milk teas, don’t be afraid of their huge, (we mean lots of flavors) menu. The more the merrier! 

You can always start with Black Tea with cream, or Thai Milk tea, that will never go wrong. Also, coconut milk tea, Oreo cookie bubble milk tea, and papaya bubble tea. Yum! 


It all started thirty years ago. The Taiwanese beverage industry started creating tapioca balls from the cassava plant for different types of drinks. It quickly (no pun intended) became a huge success! The trend began to spread throughout Asia, and later Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States

Quickly, in Charlotte is one of the many branches that popularize boba milk tea. Some of the most popular drinks here are Honey Dew, Longan Honey, Choco Taro, and Caramel Milk tea.

Try the boba flavors above if you’ve never been here before. A good go-to would be the honeydew bubble tea if you’re looking for something sweet and refreshing.

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea is probably the most popular and largest boba and bubble tea brand in the world. With 120 stores across the US, and in 6 different countries. They have an extensive menu and ten toppings to choose from.

If you’re the cautious type you can always choose classic milk tea with boba. But if you are like us, who always wants to try something new, we’d recommend boba flavors like Ginger, Red bean, or Sesame Matcha, and topped with red bean, herbal jelly, nata jelly, fig and aloe jelly.

But don’t worry, they also have the “normal” boba toppings like mango, grape, coffee, tapioca and egg pudding too. 

Queen City Bar

QCTeaBar is owned by two best friends who grew-up and shared many interesting hobbies together. One of these is their aficionado for teas. Their passion is what inspired them to start a tea café. They wanted people like them that love tea to get together and enjoy its benefits in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

At QCTeaBar, they concocted a unique way of creating teas by infusing flavors. Creating refreshing beverages that would leave the customer craving for more. 

The most interesting thing about this place is that they nudge you to customize your drink. 

  1. Choose your size
  2. Choose your drink
  3. Choose your topping
  4. Choose your sweetness level. (25%, 50%,75%, 100% or 125%)
  5. Choose your ice level. (less, regular or more) 

How’s that for some great tasting boba places in Charlotte. Do you think these are the best boba places in Charlotte, North Carolina? Or do you think there’s more than this list? 

Comment below if you know some hidden gems for the best bubble tea spots in Charlotte. Sharing is caring! 

We had fun trying out these different boba bubble tea in Charlotte, for more recommendations browse our social media @talkboba. Until next time! Feel free to read our other popular articles below.

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Braganza Tea

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