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Best Boba Places in Idaho

Did you know that Idaho has two time zones? Bet you didn’t know that! 

Besides Idaho being known for its potatoes like everyone claims to know… what else can they be known for? It’s vast land and lack of urban city vibes like New York City or Los Angeles makes you wonder. Does a place like this (that is so rural) have great bubble tea or boba? Maybe and maybe not! 

Hopefully we can change your perception on the bubble tea game here in Idaho. Maybe it’s a hidden gem! Here’s another fun fact, did you know the official nickname for Idaho is actually the “gem state?” Learn more about that here on Mental Floss if you’re interested. 

Okay, we think we had enough with the Idaho fun facts, let’s get down and bubbly with the best boba places in Idaho below!  

Urban Fox Coffee and Boba

A fun brand serving up delicious boba and coffee. What’s more to love than that? Urban Fox Coffee and Boba serves up some really great drinks here in Idaho. If you’re visiting around this area (Meridian, Idaho) be sure to get your sipping cravings satisfied with their drinks. Apparently the Thai milk tea with boba pearls is really good here. We’ve also heard that their nitro cold brew stuff (this isn’t bubble tea but it’s okay) is really great too! Bring some friends and grab a cup of bubble tea here before you continue your friends hangout for the day. 

Boise Boba 

You can tell the founder here has a great head and his shoulders. With the commitment and passion behind the product and its people, the customers, you’ll know you’ll be taken care of here. Try their amazing and delicious tasting boba tea (only one in the valley apparently) and smile after each sip. Some flavors we’d suggest you try out are their taro milk tea blends and even their smoothies like the strawberry and peach smoothie with boba pearls! That actually sounds really delicious right now if we don’t say so. Here’s their Instagram page if you’d like to snoop around. 

Snake River Tea 

Where do we even begin with Snake River Tea? Let’s start here, they have over 110 different premium loose leaf tea blends that you can choose from. If that doesn’t overwhelm you what will? Although it may be overwhelming this shows the dedication and service of quality when it comes to their boba. They want their customers to have the best experience that is fully catered to you, the customer. Starting 15 years ago with countless research and planning, the founders here were able to make a name for themselves. Serving up the great people of Idaho, while you wait for your boba or tea to steep with the correct amount of fragrance and taste, you can have a look at their tea wall. It’s filled with a bunch of knowledge when it comes to tea, fragrance and what loose leaf tea is all about. Without going to much into detail, order up your favorite boba here and let your eyes wonder with the tea wall while you wait for deliciousness! 

Read more on loose leaf tea vs tea bags here. Theres a lot of major differences especially the depth of flavor loose leaf has compared to tea bags.

Where Will You Try Boba in Idaho?

If you’ve stuck around this long and are reading this right now thank you so much! In fact, those that are still reading here can receive 15% OFF their next purchase with us, just use the code talkboba15 and you’ll get the discount. Maybe snag some awesome custom Talk Boba pins here while you’re at it. 

Thanks again for reading with us here about the best boba places in Idaho. Join the conversation below and let us know which boba spot you’ll go too in Idaho! Also, don’t forget to share this with a Idaho friend too, they might be missing out on some sweet and tasty boba drinks. Don’t keep the knowledge all to yourself! 

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