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Best Boba Places in Bridgeport

If you’re searching on Google the “best boba places in Bridgeport” more than likely that’s how you landed here. Or you’re just snooping around our website and found this one to be interesting. 

Either way, we’ll learn about boba or bubble tea and the best places to get them in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

Before we get into that though, if you’re searching for boba or bubble tea places in Bridgeport because you’re visiting, you might want to check out some of these locations during your trip too! We heard that the Adventure Park, Discovery Museum, and obviously the beaches are just a few things to have on your bucket list in Bridgeport. 

If you don’t have those on your to-do list while visiting Bridgeport be sure to give them a try! Now where were we, best boba places in Bridgeport… continue reading.

Pearls n Swirls 

We’ve been to this bubble tea shop a few times now and tried many flavors (seriously).

Although they only have a short menu for bubble tea-like about 8 flavors of it, still it was able to satisfy our cravings. When we first came here, we had green tea (yum). On the second visit, we ordered coconut milk tea (yum 2x). 

We have to note though when we came by we had the crew adjust the sugar levels because we don’t really enjoy too much sweetness in our teas. It’s still exceptionally delicious though! 

Give the 8 flavors a try when you can, it’s not too much. You might be able to give them all a try within 2 weeks or so. 

Vivi Bubble Tea

We had tasted Vivi Bubble tea before at a different locations, like the one in Pennsylvania and in Providence. We would say the bubble tea tasted just as the same here in Bridgeport. We truly can’t believe how consistent they are in making their bubble tea, it tasted just as the same in another store, from a different state!

Plus we should also note that the service is efficient and friendly even with a long waiting line. It surprisingly won’t feel like you waited anymore than a few minutes for my order. You can choose any flavor you want, and we assure you wouldn’t regret having it. But if you are cautious as not to try other flavors, we suggest you order Passion Fruit QQ, Blue Galaxy and Flora Tea for your first try. 

Bubbly’s Bubble Tea

Despite some negative comments on Yelp, we still consider this place a go-to. It is true that the shop is a bit smaller than other milk tea shops and the seating is minimal, but we came here for the tea. 

After All that’s what we care about most right? 

If we must rate it from 1 to 10 being 10 the highest and 1 lowest, We will rate it at eight. 

Have a go with some of these flavors if you’re around Bridgeport looking for boba. 

  • Coconut Milk Tea
  • Thai Tea
  • Passion Fruit
  • Green apple

What other Boba places do you like to go to in Bridgeport?

Connect with us by commenting below about the milk tea places you love in Bridgeport. Also, don’t forget to check out @talkboba for more recommendations. Thanks for reading with us and remember, just talk about boba, duh! 

See you soon. 

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