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Best Boba Places in Nevada

Nevada is known for a lot of things, especially the one and only Las Vegas. Being one of the most visited places in the United States you can imagine that there is a lot of great food and places to drink.

What better way to pair great food than with bubble tea? 

Here is your list of best boba places in Nevada. Fair warning. There’s a lot of boba places here, so sit back and relax. Maybe sip on your favorite boba flavor in one hand and scroll through as you read with the other hand. Let’s get started! Best boba places in Nevada.

Easy Life Boba Tea 

Easy Life Boba Tea in Las Vegas has such a great name to it. When you have boba, life is easy! This particular boba cafe in Nevada has a bit more reviews than most boba cafes around town. Sitting at around 350+ positive boba reviews, this boba cafe deserves to be on this list. This should actually be celebrated

Easy life Boba Tea offers many classic boba tea flavors. Boba flavors like taro smoothie with boba pearls, regular milk tea, Thai milk tea, matcha milk tea, mango milk tea, and more. You can even get some snacks to combine your sweet boba tea with. We’re talking about their popular chive cakes, waffle fries, tots, and spicy popcorn chicken

Itea Boba and Dessert 

Here’s a tiny boba spot in Las Vegas that you can find many locals visiting frequently. It’s normal to find customers coming here 3-4 times a week. It’s got to be delicious!

What makes Itea Boba and Dessert unique is that you’ll find both boba and ice cream. For their boba flavors you can expect both classic boba flavors and unique boba flavors! Unique boba flavors like sea salt oolong tea or even coffee slush with boba!

For ice cream you can have almost any flavor of ice cream your heart desires. And the best part of all, pair it will a bubble waffle made to order. Nothing is better than a warm bubble waffle with delicious and creamy ice cream! 

No 1 Boba Tea Eastern

Amy Zhang, the operating owner of No 1 Boba Tea Eastern and many other locations (7 to be exact) has been around since 1998!

Talk about a long history…in fact Boba 1 Tea was the first boba shop in Las Vegas. How about that for an interesting fact. With so many years of experience, there’s no question that this boba place is both delicious and customer centric

Since the new ownership from Amy Zhang, she pivoted the concept from powdered milk tea to the use of fresh house made syrups and fruits. Nowadays the most successful boba spots use this model of healthier alternatives. She was ahead of the curve. The powdered milk tea days are of the past! 

Stop by for some delicious boba flavors that lasted decades from almond milk tea, buckwheat matcha milk tea, rose milk tea or toffee black tea

Taste Tea 

If you ever have trouble finding a place that has a wide open area for lounging and drinking boba tea, look no further. Taste Tea in Las Vegas, Nevada serves up the best bubble tea (suggested by 300+ positive reviews) with enough space for you, your friends, and a plus one

Taste Tea not only serves milk tea but slushies, yogurt teas traditional loose leaf hot teas, and more. They even have milk foam tea! Read what milk foam tea is if you’re not familiar with it.

Our favorite go-to bubble tea here at Taste Tea has to be the sea salt green tea with boba pearls and milk foam on top. The milk cap is just too delicious and it balances the overall sweetness of the drink really well. We’re craving it just thinking about it! 

Chill Haus 

The very modern vibes of Chill Haus in Las Vegas serves up some of the best boba around town. If you’re ever around the area be sure to visit. It has hundreds of reviews all averaging a very positive rating you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

Popular boba flavors we found that customers enjoy include their winter melon matcha milk tea with boba pearls or the classic black milk tea with boba pearls. As you may know already, the team at Talk Boba loves matcha milk tea and of course that is our go to flavor too. We even have a few recipes about these matcha flavor favorites of ours. 

Here are some of our recipes for matcha milk teas if you’re interested. 

Brew Tea Bar 

With over 17 years of tea making experience (that’s a lot of tea experience if you ask us), Brew Tea Bar definitely knows what they’re doing. That saying of perfecting a skill only after 10,000 hours of practice is very true with Brew Tea Bar.

Fun fact, did you know that 10,000 hours translates to about 416 days of practice. Do you think you can perfect something with 416 total days of practicing? 

You can definitely experience the hard work through their tea. We recommend ordering yourself Hokkaido milk tea, Okinawa milk tea, taro milk tea, pistachio milk tea, or matcha milk tea. These are some of their most popular flavors. We haven’t tried the pistachio milk tea but that is definitely something we want to taste! We don’t think many boba cafes have this flavor.

Tea Space 

Something we really enjoy about this Tea Space is that they strive to bring premium tea culture to the world. The idea of premium tea culture even to this day isn’t as greatly celebrated as something like coffee is. So that’s what Tea Space is here to do, it perfectly aligns with the idea of Talk Boba as well.

They want to push forward the culture of premium tea drinking after being inspired by the idea that “we believe that a perfect day begins with a simple cup of tea.” 

We highly suggest you try all of their signature milk teas. After all these are their most popular (and delicious) selection of milk teas. And of course, be sure to add your favorite toppings like boba pearls or jellies. 

Signature Milk Teas: 

  • House milk tea
  • House jasmine milk tea
  • Okinawa milk tea
  • Hokkaido milk tea 
  • Coffee milk tea 
  • Oolong milk tea 
  • Thai tea 

Tea of Joy 

Ever heard of bulgogi fries? Yeah, they have this amazing dish here. Can you imagine pairing your favorite boba flavor with some spicy bulgogi fries (or non-spicy)? That sounds like a match made in heaven. 

This small boba cafe, Tea of Joy is perfect for a boba trip with friends. The friendly service and the consistent service of delicious milk tea and foods, you can’t go wrong with that. They even have macarons here too! 

After all, with over 500+ combined reviews all averaging 4+ stars Tea of Joy is nothing shy of delicious. 

Chewy Boba Company 

Starting back in 2001 (wow what a long time) Chewy Boba Company was inspired after a family trip with four siblings. After tasting delicious boba on their trip they couldn’t seem to find anything close to the same in their hometown. So they made their own. Since then they have been able to expand to the bustling city of Las Vegas and never looked back. 

Now, they’re known as the Chew Boba Company (and yes their tapioca pearls are perfectly chewy). They serve up delicious milk teas, fruit teas, slushies, smoothies, and more! Please support the four siblings, they have a great story to tell.

Mr Tea 

If you ever thought 500+ reviews were a lot of reviews for a boba cafe, talk about 600+ reviews here at Mr Tea in Nevada. Nothing screams “try me” like 600+ positive reviews.

You can find your favorite boba flavors here in light bulk shaped containers and/or regular cups. (The lightbulb containers are fun for the gram if you know what we mean). Try Thai milk tea, matcha milk tea, chocolate milk tea, and taro milk tea if you come by Mr T boba. 


The founders of this boba cafe has come a long way from the early days. They (founders Beyah and Stacey) began their journey with the first ever self serve boba truck for about 18 months. As you can imagine with any food truck there are multiple issues almost daily. Whether it’s not enough gas, engine breaking or not even storage room the list goes on. 

However, with the perseverance of these awesome founders, they’ve now made a name for themselves in the boba industry. Not to be political but they also made a boba flavor in support for Andrew Yang’s presidency campaign, how cool is that

Support these awesome people and drink some of their boba tea! They have multiple locations and the best part about their boba milk tea is that you can opt to add a scoop of ice cream in your milk tea too. Call it a milk tea float if you will. It makes the whole experience that much better! 

Cha Time 

You know what time it is…Cha Time! Did you know Cha literally translates to tea in Cantonese? So essentially every time you want to go to Cha Time you’re actually saying tea time! Very clever if you ask us… 

We’ve mentioned Cha Time in several of our other best boba articles because they have some of the best boba flavors. Their flavor consistency is amazing. Everytime we come to Cha Time we can tell the flavor is exactly, if not better than the last time we came around.

Ready to Try Some Nevada Boba and Bubble Tea? 

We know this best boba places article is long (it’s probably our longest one so far) but there’s definitely a lot of value here

With all these boba places, we want to reiterate they are all very good and one doesn’t beat one another. We just wanted to highlight all of the best boba places around Nevada. Even though this list is long already, if we forgot a spot that you think should definitely be in this list, feel free to comment below and let us know! We’ll add it to the list if we see fit. 

If you don’t know already, Talk Boba is the most engaging boba community on the internet. See for yourself here, thanks for reading with us and we hope you have a boba-tastic day! 

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