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Best Boba Places in Arizona

Okay, we all know Arizona is pretty cool. After all… it’s got the Grand Canyon! 

Has anyone ever been to the Grand Canyon here anyways? We would love to learn more about it. We’ve heard there’s helicopter rides or tours you can do above the vast rocky terrain. Hmm, we wonder if you can skydive around it too… 

Anyways, what other cool stuff does the Grand Canyon possibly have that other places don’t? For one, it’s got some really delicious boba spots that you might’ve never tried before. Though it’s not like your metro cities like New York or Los Angeles. Arizona still has its own flair when it comes to boba and bubble tea that might surprise you.

This might be one of our long lists compared to some other ‘best boba places in…’ articles too! If the list is this long, Arizona must have some good boba right? 

Let’s find out! Here are the best boba places in Arizona, read more.

Best Boba Places in Arizona
Best Boba Places in Arizona

My Tea

The best part about My Tea in Arizona is their selection of boba flavors and their friendly environment when you first walk in. With the vast selection and wide variety of flavors, you won’t have to question whether they have your favorite boba tea flavor or not. Many customers seem to gravitate towards the taro milk tea, we do too. Maybe give that a try when you’re here!

With over 100 reviews averaging 4 stars, you won’t be disappointed stopping by My Tea in Arizona.

Milk Run Premium Ice cream and Boba

Okay, this might top the list for best boba places in Arizona. It’s already won 2 years in a row for ‘best boba in Arizona’ for 2017 and 2018. Located in Phoenix with their doors first opened in 2017, Milk Run has made a name for itself.

With its authentically fresh teas and tapioca pearls, it’s no wonder they’re crowned the best. You’ll have no trouble finding all your favorite go-to boba flavors at this boba cafe. Don’t be afraid to try their unique flavors too. For one, they have Nutella milk tea! Whether you’re a local or visitor, stop by Milk Run for that boba craving in Phoenix, Arizona.

Best Boba Places in Arizona
Milk Run in Arizona

The Boba Tea House

Located in Chandler, Arizona there’s no question that this boba shop has some of the best milk teas around town. With over 300 reviews averaging 4 stars, there’s something going right for this place. Popular drinks like taro milk tea and Thai milk teas are your best bet, stick with the classics here! While you’re sipping on your favorite boba flavor, be sure to grab a bite too.

Apparently their popcorn chicken is absolutely delicious! 

Urban Boba Tea House

To be clear, this boba shop is not the same as the above bubble tea cafe that we have mentioned. Urban Boba Tea House is actually located in Phoenix, so that’s one way to differentiate the two. Another differentiator besides the amazing boba flavors this place offers is their snacks. What we found unique about this place is that they offer food in small containers, which is perfect for a small bite. Sometimes all you want is a snack like popcorn chicken or gyoza with something sweet like milk tea.

We don’t need big meals all the time right? 

Tea Swirl

Of all boba places in this “best boba places of Arizona” list we think Tea Swirl’s branding is the best. Their brand very simple and the interior design of the location is quite attractive too. We really like the vibrant colors their shop offers. With their milk teas and fruit teas, you’ll be able to convince your friend to come along too! 

Best Boba Places in Arizona
Tea Swirl in Arizona

Pop N Tea Bar

This boba cafe takes the cake (or popsicle) in uniqueness.

Not only does Pop N Tea Bar offer the most delicious boba tea or bubble tea in Phoenix, they make these amazing diamond bars. What are diamond bars exactly? They’re handcrafted popsicles made into a variety of different must-try flavors in a geometrically satisfying shape.

Best Boba Places in Arizona
Pop n Tea in Arizona

Tea Snow

Located in Mesa, Arizona Tea Snow will knock your socks off! Made with really fresh ingredients and attention to detail, their milk teas are a must-try if you’re around the area. Don’t skimp out and go somewhere else before this place. We highly recommend trying their freshly smashed avocado beverage too. Nothing’s better than a good avocado smoothie.

If you’re concerned, you won’t get that powdered stuff here! 

Bubble Cups

Serving up all kinds of delicious treats, you can grab a sweet milk tea or boba cup here but also have ice cream! Yes, they offer their own selection of soft-serve ice cream! And if you think you’ve had enough sweets, go ahead and grab yourself some savory snacks like egg rolls. Seriously, they’ve got it all and with over 100 reviews you won’t be disappointed

Best Boba Places in Arizona
Bubble Cups in Arizona

Boba Tree 

With over 100 positives reviews there’s a whole lot to love about this boba shop or bubble tea cafe. Many people around this area love to go to this boba spot because of the convenience and quick serving time. WIth their state of the art technology in brewing tea in 60 seconds, you’ll have your freshly brewed milk tea in no time! This is what makes them so special. You won’t have to wait so long compared to other cafes in order to get some of the highest and premium quality tea.

Plus the reviews here don’t lie! 

DaYung’s Tea

Sourcing from the fresh local markets around Tempe, Arizona you’ll find serving extraordinary bubble tea, protein shakes, smoothies, and brewed tea! It’s boasted to being “one of the most celebrated cafes in Tempe” and we can see why. With over 200 reviews, they’ve made a name for themselves in the midst of local competition. If you’re around Tempe, be sure to have DaYung’s Tea a try! 

Best Boba Places in Arizona
DaYungs in Arizona

What Do You Think is the Best Boba Place in Arizona? 

If you’ve tried all these places around Arizona please let us know what your top favorite boba place is. Our audience is waiting to know and what better way to let them truly know the best by letting an Arizona native speak for the boba places here

If you’ve made it this far without deciding on a boba place yet, we just want to say thank you so much for reading with us. We hope this best boba places in Arizona list has helped you decide on what boba cafe to drink now. Before we say bye, be sure to comment down below your favorite flavor from one of these places. Let our audience know what’s the best boba flavor to get! Like always, just talk about boba, duh! 

Here are more boba places that you can visit: 

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