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Best Boba Places in Georgia

If you’re from Georgia, you’ll know this very well. 

So many things here are named peachtree, things like avenues and roads, buildings, restaurants and more! Peachtree is as prominent in Georgia as the golden arches! Another cool thing about Georgia is that it has the largest drive through restaurant, it has over 600 parking spots. Isn’t that crazy? 

What else do you know about Georgia that not many people know about? Let us know by joining the conversation below! Now… let’s take a look at the best boba places in Georgia, what we’re here for in the first place. 

Tea Top

Starting off strong with a boba cafe that has more than 250+ reviews all averaging 4+ stars. Talk about a place that does it right! We think this boba place isn’t anything fancy but most of the time you don’t need anything fancy at all. No need for strawberry matcha milk tea right? They do the classics just right and they do it very well too! But of course they have some adventurous flavors too like alpine green milk tea, lemon juice with aiyu jelly or grapefruit with aiyu jelly. Please give this place a try located in Atlanta, find yourself a nice modern seat with their wooden decor and you’ll have a satisfying sip of boba! 

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar 

So this place definitely has quite the magical story. They weren’t actually a bubble tea shop when they started, they were a small little gift shop serving up the best loose leaf tea in Atlanta (almost bubble tea but not quite). But very quickly, father and daughter expanded into bubble tea and their cafe thrived since then. Serving premium tea with their bubble tea and delicious macaroons (they received an award for best dessert in Atlanta 3 years in a row), they know how to satisfy the right customer! If we were you, we’d highly suggest some strawberries and cream boba or mint matcha for your first time. If you’re a big fan of Vietnamese coffee, you’ll have to opt for this instead, it’s so delicious! 

Boba Mocha

First established in 2012, Boba Mocha serves up delicious classic and traditional boba flavors. Flavors such as classic black milk tea, taro milk tea, matcha milk tea, jasmine milk tea and more! The environment here is friendly, clean and quick to serving you so that you can sip on your favorite boba. They also have great entrees and snacks. We’re talking about entrees like Japanese curry and rice or snacks like eggrolls and crab rangoon! If you’re bringing a group of friends don’t worry, this spot is one of the few boba places that fits many people comfortably, there’s tables and couches all around for comfort! 

Queen Tea

Located in Kennsaw, Georgia you’ll find this lovely place called Queen Tea. The star of the show is not the boba itself (which is really good) but actually the snacks served here too! When you come here you can order up your favorite boba flavor like taro milk tea but you can also some killer foods to pair with it. We’re talking about foods like pork buns (oh so delicious), salt and pepper chicken nuggets and even gourmet cupcakes if you’re looking for satisfying that sweet tooth. With over 60 positive reviews, you’ll want to come here with an empty stomach to try everything that Queen Tea has to offer! 

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

This bubble tea place takes tea making and milk tea making to the next level. Not only are they very prideful in how fresh and high quality (really high quality) their ingredients are, but there’s a story behind each drink. Established traditions from “grandmother’s secrets,” the Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea bubble tea place has created authentic Taiwanese teas and tradition for years. Everything tea here is just as great as the next we’re not even sure what we should recommend to you to be honest. But we’ll give it a shot, here are some boba flavors we’d try if we were you: sun moon lake black tea, winter melon drink and green tea latte. Go ahead give it a go and let us know what you think! 

Boba Theory

The modern greys and decor in this boba place is definitely an eye catcher! Not only are their bubble teas great and full of flavor, the environment is also comfortable and clean. Go ahead and grab some friends to go on a boba trip with you because this place welcomes groups. From the looks of it, their most popular drinks are classic ones like Thai milk tea and black milk tea. It might not have the adventurous flavors you might see from some other modern boba cafes but nothing beats the classics right? Try this and let us know what you think! 


Everyone’s heard of this boba place right? Since we found one in George we couldn’t resist to talk about it. After all, we’re here to talk about the best boba places in Georgia. If you didn’t know already, Sharetea has over 450 stores around the world, yes it’s globally franchised! The success of this boba place is definitely directly related to how tasty and delicious their bubble tea are so if you’re around definitely don’t hesitate! If we had to choose between this and a popular cafe with a green logo on the corner (you know what we’re talking about), we’d choose this. 

What Do You Think?

After reading about these 7 best boba places in Georgia, will you try any one of these? We highly suggest any of these depending on where you are visiting or living! Bring some friends and go for a boba trip worth remembering with great laughs and good company. 

Be sure to let us know how your experience goes, we love talking about boba here if you couldn’t tell! Also, if you’re still reading, you might as well check out our other popular articles too. Did you know we wrote about the most common questions about boba, like what are those black balls? Check out that article here! 

And on that note, thanks for reading with us and like always, just talk about boba! 

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