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Best Boba Places in Hawaii

Imagine this. 

You’re surfing or relaxing on the hot sand with your group of friends and maybe family. Hours have passed by as the blue skies and the occasional bright white clouds zoom by. You’re wondering, where’d the time go but more importantly how you need to cool down and grab a delicious drink and snack (or two) to refuel. 

Insert the best boba places in Hawaii. 

With boba cafes around the island you’re bound to find something good. Both drinks and foods! Let us here at Talk Boba help you find the best boba places to drink at and grab a snack. Continue reading, you’ll find 4 of the best places for boba. Let us know what you end up trying, onwards to the boba places! 

Oh and if you aren’t looking for Hawaii, find your state here and choose the best boba based on your location! 

Thangs French Coffee and Bubble Tea

Here’s a fair warning when you want to get bubble tea or boba from Thangs French Coffee and Bubble Tea, there’s lines that form really quick! If you’re planning to get here early or during the day just be aware that there most like will be a line. With more than 350 really positive and in depth reviews, you can only expect that this place is poppin’! It seems like they’re very well known for more of their smoothie types of bubble teas, which isn’t bad! We love a good smoothie bubble tea from time to time too, like an avocado smoothie. If you’re in Honolulu make sure you stop by here. 

Read here if you want to learn how to make an avocado smoothie at home.

Teapresso bar 

Healthy alternatives have been the on going trend for the past decade and Teapresso doesn’t shy away from health either! Being healthy is all about longevity and the ability to live a full life right? Founded by Steve Nguyen you’ll find a healthier alternative to boba and bubble tea in Hawaii. Each drink is made custom the way you like it. So if you’re one of those people that orders a very customized drink down to the sugar levels and boba amount, you’re in luck here. They’ll serve you right and make you super satisfied! Come with friends and enjoy board games, wifi and a sip of delicious boba here at Teapresso Bar. 

Mr Tea Cafe 

On a mission to break down the stereotypical boba shops you see day to day, Mr Tea Cafe brings a new style to the boba world. After testing 1000’s of teas and learning the craft behind quality loose leaf tea in Taiwan, the founders came back to the island ready to take the industry by storm. Creating Mr Tea Cafe wasn’t easy but with the support of loved ones and the local community they’ve gained their stripes in being one of the best boba places in Hawaii. Order their delicious classic black milk teas or be adventurous and get a nutella milk tea (this was surprisingly delicious). 

The learn the differences between loose leaf tea and tea bags here.

Dragon Tea 

With a wide variety of bubble tea and boba pearls here at Dragon Tea you won’t be disappointed bringing your group of friends. Plus, the name of this bubble tea cafe is really cool too! Not only can you order up the yummy classic boba teas, you’ll also be able to order up some of their very unique creations that you won’t get anywhere else. We’re talking about orange green tea, fresh lemon black tea and strawberry milk slush with boba pearls! You have to give this place a try. 

Hey look, you’ve made it to the end! Thanks for reading with us here @talkboba about the best boba places in Hawaii. If you end up trying any of these places be sure to join the conversation below and let us know which flavors you end up trying. We’re curious to see what is actually more popular. 

Also, feel free to share this with your Hawaiian friends if you’re a local, see what they think! Like always just talk about boba, duh! We’ll see you in the next one. 

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