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Best Bubble Tea Places Near Me (Boba Map Inside)

You’ve searched on Google “best bubble tea places near me” right? Take a look below at the map and you’ll find exactly the best bubble tea places near you.

We’ve narrowed it down to a few (or many) to help you find the best bubble tea closest to you. After you take a bit of time to find a bubble tea place near you, continue reading for more. You’ll learn how to order bubble tea if it’s your first time and find the best bubble tea flavors to try.

Now, go find the best bubble tea right for you!

What Exactly is Bubble Tea and What are the Ingredients?


Bubble tea or boba is essentially a tea-based drink that includes 4 different ingredients.

  • Freshly brewed tea
  • Milk or creamer
  • Sweetener or syrup
  • Toppings

Bubble tea shops generally use loose leaf Assam black tea, oolong tea, green tea or jasmine tea for tea bases. Some bubble tea flavors call for a darker tea base which equate to a deeper flavor profile.

Whereas other bubble tea flavors call for a lighter tea base for a subtle taste. Like oolong milkk tea. Both flavor profiles are just as great, it depends on how you are feeling at the moment.

For milk or creamers, you’ll find a lot of bubble tea shops using sweetened condensed milk. But, the use of other types of milk or dairy are popular too.

Some popular milk or dairy products in bubble tea drinks are traditional cow’s milk, oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, skim milk and/or coconut milk. Read all the alternatives to dairy here. 

If the bubble tea store doesn’t use sweetened condensed milk, then most likely a syrup of some sort is used. If sweetened condensed milk is used then, of course, no added sweetener is needed.

Popular syrup for bubble tea flavors includes traditional syrup, brown sugar syrup or honey. You may find bubble tea shops use unique housemade syrups too.

Now for the best part, the toppings! bubble tea shops always have an endless amount of toppings to be added to your bubble tea drink. Most bubble tea shops have bubble tea pearls (tapioca pearls), jelly, pudding, popping bubbles, and red bean. Be sure to add a topping to your bubble tea to get the full experience of drinking bubble tea!

What are the Most Popular Bubble Tea Flavors?

There are 5 bubble tea flavors that come to mind immediately for the most popular bubble tea flavors. More than likely, every bubble tea shop you find on that map above will have these 5 traditional bubble tea flavors. You honestly can’t call yourself a bubble tea shop without these flavors!

How to Make Bubble Tea at Home


If you want to try your hands at making bubble tea at home instead of buying bubble tea near you, no problem! Here at Talk Boba not only do we recommend bubble tea shops around you but we also have homemade bubble tea recipes.

Tap any of the flavors above you’ll find our full recipe guide for them and more. Or just see all the bubble tea recipes here. 

Don’t forget to get these key ingredients and kitchen tools to make your life easier before you start making some bubble tea at home. Here’s a bubble tea starter kit to get you started.

Tapioca Pearls


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If you want to see our full list of bubble tea recipes and choose the flavor you want to try, simply tap here to see all bubble tea recipes. With this article, we hope you were able to find your answer for “where is the closest boba place”. Share with your friends if you think they’ll get a kick out of this article too.  

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