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The Best Card Games to Play in Boba Cafes

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Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

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Exploding Kittens




Have you been going to boba cafes near you with your friends and just hanging out for countless hours? We know…sometimes our team just goes to the boba cafes and talk about our daily lives and what’s super exciting in our lives right now. Some days are better than others as you can imagine! 

However, sometimes instead of chit chatting, your boba squad is playing table games offered by the boba shop! But majority of the times they have the typical card games that you’re used too, what about the more exciting and engaging ones? 

Down below we’re going to highlight 7 amount of card games that you can bring with you to any boba cafe and start playing with your friends. Some of these games are our favorite and the best part is that the learning curve is super easy, we’re not talking chess or Catan here (although Catan is a very fun game). Read the best card games to play in boba cafes below!

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Exploding Kittens


Sushi Go!


Monopoly Deal




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Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns


Exploding Kittens

  • 2-5 players
  • Game of the year
  • Fast gameplay 

This has to be one of the best games ever made to be honest. First off the name itself is just incredibly unique, it makes you interested in finding out what this game is all about. To give you a quick run down, it’s a battle between your friends on who can be the last man surviving or last kitten if you will. If you explode, you will lose! It’s simple and easy to pick up with one objective, don’t explode. 

However, there’s a lot of curve balls that get thrown at you when you pick up new cards or when your friends activate some cards on you. This tabletop card game becomes a fun, friend targeting frenzy that gets better and better the longer you play. Fair warning, you may ruin some friendships with this game and how intense it can get! We know at the office our voices get louder and louder as the game progresses hahaha. Get the game here before your next boba squad meet up at your favorite bubble tea shop! 

Sushi Go!

  • Fast paced
  • Easy to play
  • Fun competitiveness 

With this quick to play card game the ultimate goal is to achieve the highest points, which crowns you the sushi master. As you and your friends take turns, you have opportunities to obtain more points by creating different sushi rolls like maki rolls on your turn or collecting some delicious sashimi cards! Both give you points depending on what you create and collect. There’s also other cards like dumpling cards, wasabi cards, chopstick cards, nigiri cards etc. Each one has its own unique characteristics and points.

This is actually one of our favorite card games too, it’s just so easy to pick up and play especially if you don’t want to strategize too much and just have a good time with friends. It’s the perfect game to have conversations with while being engaged in something somewhat competitive. 

Fair warning though, you might actually want some sushi after playing this card game in a boba shop with your amazing friends. Grab Sushi Go here. 

Monopoly Deal

  • Similar to traditional board game
  • Fast paced 20-30 minutes
  • Easy to follow instructions

Obviously you can’t bring in the Monopoly board game into most boba cafes. However, you can bring in Monopoly Deal! What is this card game exactly? It’s literally the same gameplay as normal Monopoly, building buildings and claiming payments as people land on them, just in card form! 

The game play is very simple, there’s actually a quick-play card that tells you all the rules and how to play all in one little card. Usual games last about 20-25 minutes, perfect for you and your friends to get a couple of games in as you sip on your favorite boba flavors. 

We play this from time to time even in our office when we get bored or catch up on all of our work. Work can be fun too you know! Grab a box of Monopoly Deal here and enjoy a great time collecting payments from your friends all in friendly competition. 

We’re sure you know of this game by Mattel, how could you not? Everyone grew up playing this game at least once in their childhood, especially if you went to boba cafes near you. UNO is such a classic though so we just had to include it in our list of tabletop card games to play in boba cafes. We won’t get into the details of the game here because we truly believe everyone has played it once (view instructions on how to play here). 

But we would like to ask, who else gets a bit competitive when your friends keep playing skip cards or reverse cards? It makes us so antsy but it’s all in fun of course! Here’s some cool versions of UNO to play with too in case you’re a fan of these genres, shows or movies. 

Sometimes you can beat the classics. With a regular 52-card deck of playing cards, you can play many popular games. The best part about using these cards is the flexibility in what types of games you can play. If your friends want to play something simple you can always play classic card games like seven up, hearts, spoons or crazy eights. 

Now if you want to get a bit more competitive here are some of our favorite card games to play with regular playing cards. Grab a pack of America’s best playing cards here

This game made from Looney Labs is simple to begin with and becomes more complex as the game progresses. If you have a group of friends that tend to be competitive and enjoy strategy games, this is the best card game for that! Grab your favorite boba flavor and sit down for an hour or two playing multiple rounds of Fluxx at your local boba cafe. Usually one game of Fluxx will last 20-30 minutes, which is a decent amount of game play time. 

The gameplay itself is quite simple, you start by drawing certain amount of cards and playing actions based on the details of your cards. Like we mentioned before as the game progresses it gets more complex simply because the rules of the game change based on the cards in the playing field. 

Every game of Fluxx is different as the combinations of each game can vary greatly, that’s what makes it fun! There’s never a game where it’s exactly the same (if that is the case, you should definitely buy a lottery ticket). If it’s any game on this list that we recommend you play with your friends, it’s this one. See a few different versions below! 

This card game is a bit more involved but we still think it’s a great choice for having some fun at a boba cafe with your friends. The gameplay in short is this, you choose character cards that have certain characteristics or advantages and you take turns picking up cards that allow you to do certain actions. Some actions can be giving yourself more life points or removing life points from your opponents. The whole objective of the game is to eliminate the character card your card needs to target, who ever successfully removes their target first wins! 

There’s a lot more to the game but that’s what it’s like in a nutshell. You’ll have to give it a try to really understand the game fully, but we think it’s super fun and quite competitive! If you’re that person that likes to strategize a bit without thinking too much (like in a game of chess) then this is the perfect game for you and your friends! There’s a few different versions of Bang as well. Take a look at the different versions or expansions below. 

We just had to add this game made by TeeTurtle to the list to as of recently. Someone recommended us to play it and now we can’t stop! The design of the packaging, the cards itself and the overall gameplay is something magical, just like a unicorn. The whole objective of the game is to collect unicorns to win (the amount of unicorns vary depending on how many players you have). 

With easy instructions and reference cards for each player, it makes the game very easy to understand and get started. Each game usually lasts about 30 minutes long, perfect for a couple of games at your favorite boba cafe. 

This is our new favorite table top card game nowadays and we might just have to buy the expansion packs very soon. See the expansion packs for Unstable Unicorns below. 

What Other Card Games Do You Play at Boba Cafes? 

We’re curious! If you have any other suggestions for card games that you can bring to any boba cafe and play with your friends, please let us know. You can comment down below or contact us here and give us your suggestions! 

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