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Best Boba Places in Maine

Are you planning to visit Maine anytime soon? 

Do you have a boba craze where you can’t go more than 2 days without boba? 

If you answered yes to these questions above then this best boba places in Maine article is the exact thing you need. It’s only 3 best boba places in Maine but these choices are better than most around the area that claim to be the best. 

The milk tea spots we listed down below cater for a more sit down type of vibe and eating a full meal with your boba tea but there’s nothing wrong with just grabbing bubble tea too! Have a look at the best boba places in Maine down below. But before you do, be sure you join our exclusive group here to talk to people that recommend their favorite milk tea places. Boba lovers around the world continue to share their stories around boba, bubble tea and milk tea in one tight knit community. 

Dobra Tea 

This beautiful milk tea shop is all about the tea culture.

With hundreds of stores around the world, Dobra Tea produces some of the most premium teas around. Of course you can grab yourself your favorite bubble tea flavor like traditional black milk tea or if you’re more adventurous, lychee green milk tea.

However, they’re known more for the tea culture and what they bring in terms of educating people about tea, kind of like us here. You’ll find guides, premium tea and where to travel for the best team on their website. We’re not the only source for learning about tea, be sure to visit Dobra Tea in Maine if you’re around!

Poke Pop 

“We’ve got a bowl of sunshine” is their slogan and we love that!

Here at Poke you’ll be able to pair their delicious milk teas like Thai iced tea, strawberry milk tea, original milk tea and even on tap Kombucha with their poke bowls. Filled with the freshest seafood, veggies and other ingredients, they create sushi bowls and sushi burritos that you won’t find anywhere else in Maine. You’ll have to try this place if you’re craving some Japanese food, and of course boba. 

Pure Thai Kitchen 

We’re going to start off with talking about their boba (after all we’re Talk Boba) but don’t stay just for the boba. You’ll have to try the amazing Thai food here at Pure Thai Kitchen as well. We’d highly suggest you get a Thai Iced Coffee with boba pearls and an entree for yourself and friends. With their popular items like drunk man noodles or pad Thai, you’ll want to come back for more. If you’re with a friend in a car debating on where to go eat around Maine, specifically the Lewiston area, you might as well stop wasting time and try this place out. Trust Talk Boba when we say it, you won’t be disappointed! 

Bubble Tea in Maine 

We know it’s only 3 boba places that we mentioned above but c’mon, they’re all really good places to get bubble tea and a meal! Who doesn’t like delicious Japanese food with boba or Taiwanese food with traditional milk tea? They’re both so delicious! 

If you’re still reading with us, please feel free to join the conversation down below and let us know what place you like the most. If you want to suggest another boba places for us to add to this list don’t be shy! And lastly, please join our exclusive group for more boba and milk tea related conversations! Members in here talk all about their favorite boba and where to get bubble tea from hidden gems not everyone knows about! 

Welp that’s it, we’ll talk to you later, remember just talk about boba, duh! 

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