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Best Boba Places in Charleston

Downtown Charleston has to have some amazing and delicious bubble tea right? Doesn’t South Carolina or Charleston have some great tasting boba places? Where can I get bubble tea in Charleston? 

If these are some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself now that you’re in (or traveling to) Charleston, then this article about the best boba places in Charleston is right for you. Charleston is known for some amazing foods around the city but don’t be fooled when people tell you they might not have some boba tea. They’re wrong! 

We’ve found the best boba places in Charleston for you right here. Go ahead continue read for bubble tea deliciousness. 


Probably one of the best boba places we’ve found all around. There’s something special when it comes to this boba place in Charleston. Founded by two very amazing people, Tapio boba tea cafe has been around for more than 4 years and counting. Self proclaimed, they’re the best boba tea in the south! With a boasting amount of reviews (200+) we think it’s safe to say they have some good bubble tea. Some customer favorites include the Tapio milk tea, lychee fruit tea, and Thai coffee. 

Oh and don’t let us forget, they have a great selection of food too! We’re talking about the crispiest popcorn chicken with a side of their housemade sauce, delicious taro fries, pork belly on a bed of rice and more. They’ve really got it all for a great meal and boba of course.  

Ice Bing

If you read this too fast you might just say Ice Bling! This Asian fusion cafe serves up delicious boba (duhhhh) and yummy shaved ice. With a great amount of positive reviews you know you’ll find yourself a treat here at Ice Bing. 

For boba or bubble tea you can find your traditional flavors and some trendy ones too. They have some milk cap milk teas that you might not be familiar with. The boba flavors we love the most from here have to be their traditional milk tea and their matcha milk tea. We like this place especially because they have a thing where they top off their milk tea with a cream foam at the top, which makes everything so much better. If you end up mixing this with the milk tea it functions as a texture element and makes your drink a bit more creamy, which is always nice! 

Come give this place a try, order yourself some milk tea and maybe shaved ice for the kids! 

We know this one is short but like we said, don’t be fooled these 2 places above are absolutely delicious! We only like to highlight the best of the best anyways here at Talk Boba. But of course, if you have any suggestions please let us know and we’ll add your suggestion to this list. There can never be a boba list too long! 

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