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What Does Oat Milk Taste Like?

Oat milk has become so popular in recent years but even with its popularity, there’s a lot of people that still have not tried it. If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you haven’t tried it yet too! 

There are people that don’t know what oat milk tastes like, they’re confused. What is oat milk actually? How is oat milk even made? Does oat milk have real oats in it? Is oat milk sweet or bland? What is the texture of oat milk? Is oat milk similar to regular cow’s milk? The questions go on and on! 

We hope to answer those questions a later time, but right now we’re here to answer the most important so that you can make a decision on whether you want to try it out for yourself. What does oat milk taste like? 

What is Oat Milk

Quickly, before we even start talking about the taste of oat milk. Let’s first dive into what oat milk actually is, just to get a foundation of what it entails. 

Oat milk, which increased in popularity as a milk or creamer in coffee and tea, or a stand alone drink, has become a worldwide trend that cannot be stopped. Oat milk is really made with 2 primary ingredients, water and whole oats. Without getting into the details, whole oats simply soak in water for several hours at a time and absorb the water around it. 

Once the water has been absorbed a fair amount, the whole oats are then squeezed and strained into what is now called oat milk. It’s that simple! Since whole oats in general have very nutritious elements, as one creates oat milk you get the same nutritional benefits, maybe even more so! 

What Does Oat Milk Taste Like

Now that we have some understanding of what oat milk actually is and how it is processed in the least amount of detail, let’s find out what the flavor is. 

Oat Milk Flavor

For those that have tried oat milk, especially coffee connoisseurs, you’ll find out that the majority of people actually really enjoy this milk. Some of the highest level or elite coffee connoisseurs even say that oat milk is one of the best creamers for coffee, and we’re sure it is the same with milk tea too! 

The flavor is surprisingly similar to cow’s milk with a sweeter and more delicious taste. Think cow’s milk but a hint sweeter, like a bowl of milk after eating your cereal in the morning. Okay maybe not that sugary and sweet, but it’s very close! And that’s why so many people enjoy it! With its oat like after taste and sweetness, oat milk compliments a lot of beverages with ease! 

Oat Milk Texture

Oat milk’s texture can be described as a smoother and sometimes richer milk than cow’s milk. It might not have the fat content that makes regular milk creamy but depending on the maker of your oat milk, they can manage the density of the liquid to whole oats ratio, making it more creamy or watery. 

If you’re thinking that you won’t get any creaminess out of oat milk, try again. It’s not like your popular nut milk, almond milk. Oat milk is interesting in the fact that it can produce a very creamy like texture with very little. You just have to try it out to see for yourself! 

3 Popular Oat Milk Brands You Must Try 

Califia Farms Oat Milk 

Having the motto and mission that the world needs a healthier and more plant based system, they’ve accomplished to make one of the best oat milks the world has to offer. Their best product to date in terms of oat milks has to be their barista blend oat milk. Ugh, it’s so good!

Even the most elite coffee drinkers around the world stand by their innovative, delicious and addicting barista oat milk blend. Have a try here if you’re interested, don’t be shy! 

Oatly— the Original Oat Drink Company 

Arguably the one that started it all, this brand Oatly, has been pushing oat milk since the 1990s! Can you believe that? Its brand is notably known around 20+ countries nowadays and definitely a must try when thinking about diving into the oat milk trend. This brand is so well known in the milk industry that sometimes when people say oat milk, they automatically think of Oatly’s packaging, talk about an incredible brand appeal. 

Did you know, they even make frozen desserts? Here’s some of their top flavors: original oat, coffee and vanilla. We might just have to get some for ourselves! 

Elmhurst Milked Oats

Their tried-and-true oat milk product, Milked Oats is made with only 5 ingredients and a very close contender to the oat milks above. Elmhurst boasts that it’s “delicious in coffee, tasty in cereal and perfect for smoothies.” 

We couldn’t agree anymore. With the natural taste and texture of their Milked Oats, there’s really nothing bad paired with this beverage. It’s soothing, delicious and quite refreshing when cold! Give it a try here if you’re interested, yay Milked Oats! 

So… are you convinced yet? Our team sure is! We want oat milk in the next 10 minutes, right away! (We’re probably going to get some before the day ends). If you’re still debating, we highly encourage you to try oat milk out, especially in boba! It’s flavor profile and texture pairs so well with tapioca pearls and milk tea, oh so good! 

If you’re interested in learning other popular milks that bubble tea or boba cafes use as creamers, be sure to read 8 popular milks in bubble tea, you’ll definitely find oat milk in there. Thanks for reading with us at Talk Boba, be sure to share this with a friend if they haven’t tried oat milk yet, they won’t regret it! 

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