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How to Make Whipped Matcha with Boba Pearls

You’ve definitely tried the Dalgona coffee or whipped coffee trend that’s been circling social media during right? We did too…but if you haven’t you should definitely check out our version of it. We made it with tapioca pearls, you can learn how to make whipped coffee with boba pearls here if you’d like. 

But if you want to stick around for matcha, that’s okay too! Just like our other recipe, we’ll be adding boba pearls to this yummy, fluffy drink too. 

Down below you’ll find exactly what you need to make whipped (Dalgona) matcha with boba pearls and the entire process behind it (it’s super easy). 

Excited? Let’s get started!

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10 Minutes

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5 Minutes

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15 Minutes

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Whipped Matcha with Boba Pearls

How to Make Whipped Matcha with Boba Pearls

Step 1

We’ll start with the boba pearls first, as this is probably the longest part of this recipe. Plus we want to soak it in a brown sugar syrup for more flavor. 

We’ll be using tapioca pearls that can cook within 5-7 minutes (which is extremely fast) so that we don’t have to wait too long. The tapioca pearls are from the brand called Zhou Shi. You can find these in your local Asian supermarket and even Amazon

However, if you want to create tapioca pearls from scratch, we have that recipe for you too. Have a look at how to make boba pearls from scratch here. 

For the 5 minute tapioca pearls, grab a pot and fill it up with water. Bring this water to a boil and then add your tapioca pearls. ¼ cup is a great serving amount, but you can add more or less depending on how much you prefer. 

Continue cooking the pearls until they float to the surface. Be sure to stir very often during the cooking process, otherwise your boba pearls will stick and that’s not a fun time. Plus, it’s really hard to clean the pot if they stick to the pot. 

After they float to the surface, give 1 tapioca pearl a taste test, and look for the right texture. It should have a soft chew by now and if it doesn’t, cook it for another 1-2 minutes and give it a try again. Once you’re satisfied with the texture, move on to the next step. 

Step 2

Since your tapioca pearls are done cooking now, strain the cooked boba pearls into a cup or bowl of brown sugar syrup. You can find this in your local grocery store or make it from scratch.

How to Make Brown Sugar Syrup from Scratch at Home 

Let your boba pearls soak into this bath of brown sugar and now we can begin the fun part, the whipped matcha! 

Step 3

Grab all the ingredients you need from what we mentioned in the list above. Starting with the 1 egg white and sugar, whisk this in a bowl until it’s frothy. You know you’re complete with this part when you have a foam-like texture with the egg white and sugar only. 

We highly recommend using a handheld electric whisk of some sort to make this easier. Whisking or whipping this into a foam manually takes forever. It’s very tiring haha. We used this one from Bonsen Kitchen to make this recipe if you’re curious. It worked like a charm.

Step 4

Once you have the egg white whisked into a white foam-like texture, add your matcha. And mix this all into your whipped egg foam. Be sure to incorporate it all completely. Your foam should turn into a very nice pale green hue or color. 

You can find many culinary matcha powders on Amazon. Some of our favorite brands include Jade Leaf, Encha Matcha, and Matcha Moon

Keep in mind there are also ceremonial matcha grades, but we don’t necessarily want that type of matcha grade. These matcha grades tend to have a more subtle flavor, but we want to be sure we can taste the matcha in our drink, so we use culinary matcha instead. 

Culinary Matcha Grade VS Ceremonial Matcha Grade: What’s the Difference? 

Step 5

Once your matcha powder is incorporated fully, we have the last bit of making our whipped matcha drink, adding everything together. 

Start with grabbing a glass or your favorite cup and add your soaked brown sugar boba pearls first. Then shortly after we’ll add our 1 cup of preferred dairy or creamer. We find that using oat milk is really great with this. You can also find other popular dairy alternatives here too that work just great. 

At this point, it almost looks like a brown sugar pearl milk tea. 

All we have to do now is top it off with our whipped matcha or Dalgona matcha and serve. Give it a try, how does it taste? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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