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Best Boba Places in Boise

Are there any Bubble Tea shops in Boise, Idaho? Where can I find milk tea shops in the town? What are the best milk tea shops in Boise? Does it taste as good as the ones found in New York or California? 

To answer all your questions, here @talkboba, we did our little research to please our readers. Unfortunately, we only found a few good places (send over bubble tea shops that you know of) to buy boba milk teas from. But don’t fret, these shops provide the best quality teas in the valley. 

Here are the best boba places in Boise. 

Boise Boba

Boise Boba is owned and operated by a Boise town local who has a passion for making drinks.

Like any other shop that serves boba, bubble tea, and milk tea. They also were inspired by the original Taiwanese drink. Being foreign and new to Boise, the owners of Boise Boba decided to modify the drink that would make it acceptable for the locals. Boise Boba does really set a high standard in creating their drinks, and the names of their teas are cute and catchy such as Valentine, Lush, Lavish, Polar Bear and among others. 

You can request add-ons in each drink you order free of charge, despite its affordable price.

And the best part, their extra fast service! 

Urban Fox

This place is great for studying and working, it is spacious with lots of seating. There is also plenty of parking spaces as well, and we all know parking your car can be a bit of a hassle a lot of the time. Aside from the super quick service and friendly crew, they also serve really good milk tea, a good balance of milk, tea and sweetness. Founded and owned by an independent woman named Haena Cho, she made sure that every cup of tea that goes to the customer is of high-quality standard so as not to disappoint their returning customers.  

Perhaps in the near future, more milk tea shops will rise due to its popularity. For more details about boba, visit us at @talkboba. 

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Bubble Bee

Your classic bubble tea shop. Made by friendly baristas and delicious ingredients. Avocado Milk Tea Honeydew Milk Tea Vanilla Milk Tea


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