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Best Boba Places in Fargo

 Anyone who says milk tea is overrated must not have tasted a good milk tea in their life. In case you missed it, boba is everywhere! And Fargo is no exception. You might think Fargo is in the middle of nowhere, but we assure you there are definitely bubble stores in the middle of nowhere.

Do not get lost. Here at Talkboba we will point you in the right direction where you can get your well-loved bubble tea! Just a little caution: you might get a little overwhelmed with the variety of choices. But no need to worry, if you want a milk tea companion just follow us and check our blogs. We have the best guides and recipes to your milk tea escapade. You might even find some boba paraphernalia for your next travel. Check our merch here.

Excited to embark to our Fargo boba trip? Let’s see if you can keep up with our itinerary for today about the best boba places in Fargo. 


Laid back and traditional, Teaberry is the perfect shop for a good refreshment. With its cozy ambiance, you will definitely get to relax while sipping your choice of bubble tea.

Don’t get surprised. Their milk teas are served in smoothie-esque style. You can select from different fresh fruits, powdered flavors and top it with classic tapioca pearls, flavored popping bubbles or jellies – all freshly made from scratch! So, you wouldn’t mind the extra minutes waiting, because these fresh pearls are absolutely worth it. Besides, their zen-style interior and comfy couches are available for you and your hangout buddy.

Not sure of what to try? Maybe start with their taro bubble tea topped with boba and blended with ice for that smooth-ie texture. Do not get lost in their menu, ask their ladies to get your coveted boba drink. Plus, the price is not that bad. So, go on escape the summer heat or endure the winter cold with this bubble tea in downtown Fargo. 

Kones Kreamery        

Out for some fun? 

Kones Kreamery is the place to be. Established in 2018 by husband and wife, Vena and Kevin, Kones Kreamery is no newbie when it comes to satisfying your sweet-tooth craving.  The owners’ love for travelling has surely made a delicious impact on Kones Kreamery which specializes in Italian ice cream, coffees and boba milk teas.   

Apart from its Italian twist, Kones Kremery sure knows how to have some fun. Their homemade gelato and animal-shaped ice cream cones will bring a smile on your face. They may be popular with their cute ice cream, but Kones Kremery also brings delights with its milk tea selection.  You can choose between a fruit tea or milk tea with juice balls (popping boba) or tapioca pearls. Their milk tea selection includes Royal Milk Tea, Jasmine Milk tea and Thai Tea.

It’s not hard to love this place.  Kones Kreamery shop has the nicest staff and the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed. Anyone who walks through their doors will have positive vibes all the way. There’s no denying that this store will be loved by the kids and (of course) the kids at heart too!

Steep Me a Cup of Tea

Now who’s up for THE real tea and not another sugar-overload-kind-of-tea? If you’re the type who wants the real tea deal, care to Steep Me a cup of tea? 😊 A hidden gem in Fargo, Steep Me is your go-to shop for loose leaf tea. This trendy shop serves tea beverages whether you like it hot or iced. With over hundred kinds of loose tea, it’s not impossible for this shop to exceed your expecTEAtions! Not to mention, Steep Me works with local artists to market new handmade products for all tea-lovers! You can buy a can of Earl Gray Supreme for a delicious soothing drink.

Don’t get me wrong, they serve milk tea with popping bobas as well. As they value health and wellness, just don’t expect too sweet and creamy ones. Again, this is for the tea drinkers who’s up for the health benefits. For when you want to drink in traditional tea style, it’s a treat to go to SteepMe. It might be a little costly, but it’s worth a try or might as well fight the Fargo winds with a hot tea from Steep Me!—Yeah that rhymes. 

Tea and Crepe Fargo

You can’t simply go downtown without stopping at Tea and Crepes. It’s a mandatory stopover! Following their store opening in Grand Forks, Chun Lu and Xi Chen (owners of Tea & Crepe Café) expanded their bubble tea territory as they opened in Broadway, Fargo.

Tea and Crepe has a  huge menu offerings that will make you want to try everything. It’s a ‘treat in more ways than one’, but one thing’s for sure—you will have a hard time choosing which one to get. From delicious bubble teas, freshly-made crepes, to  Thai ice cream rolls, you would want to visit this shop every time you travel through Fargo. Some Milk tea flavors you can try are their classic bubble milk tea and taro milk tea. But if you are on the fruity side, maybe you can try their mango milk tea and passion fruit milk tea. 

When you’re done sipping your favorite bubble tea, do not dare miss their well-known stir-fried ice cream. Try to picture this: Imagine a liquid ice cream mixture poured onto a frozen, metal plate with fruits, nuts and candies as toppings. Did I make you crave? Sorry not sorry but I’m definitely getting this ice cream and boba tandem.

Caribou Coffee

There’s no denying—milk tea has become the coffee alternative. That’s why we can’t really blame coffee shops when they start adding boba selections on their menu. It’s a big win for us, boba lovers!

Such is the case for Caribou Coffee, a popular coffee-chain originating from Minnesota. In 2018, Caribou Coffee launched its take on boba as they debuted new Bubbles, chewy coconut jellies that you can add to any of their iced drinks. The coconut jellies are caramel-flavored and are cubed instead of round. Along with these chewy gems is a new line of bubble tea drinks including Caramel Cooler, Raspberry Green Tea, and Matcha Tea Cooler. Their new matcha line is a must try!

How about we redefine coffee breaks.  We all know everybody gets their favorite latte from Caribou coffee. They are available from breakfast to lunch runs or even when you want to study and avail their free wifi. But coffee breaks do not always have to be about coffees, right? Maybe try a bubble tea next time? Besides, who wouldn’t love Caribou Coffee’s new bubbles introduction? It’s a boba dream come true! 

Moxie Java

One can never have enough boba. With several boba shops in Fargo and in all other places, we can’t simply run out of options. To make your life a little bit easier and less confusing, Talkboba gives you a list of must-try bubble tea drinks from some of the most popular brands in the US.

Let’s take one city at a time, shall we? Check out other famous milk tea shops in our articles and let us know what you think. 

Tired from the usual bubble teas? If you are looking for something new to try, we have boba recipes you can prepare at home and check boba flavors across the world. Trying something new won’t hurt. Who knows you might just discover a new favorite. Come on, don’t be shy. Try new boba flavors today and thank us later.

We’ll catch you on the next best boba places article soon. 

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