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Must-Have Boba Accessories for Perfect Boba

Everyone loves boba, but very few know how to make it at home! Our most popular question is “How can I make good bubble tea at home?” and our second most asked question is “what boba accessories do I need to make boba at home?”. 

In this article we will explore the second question, that is, we will be talking about all the necessary boba accessories you’ll need to make delicious homemade boba! Once you have all the tools you need for the kitchen, you can head on over to our recipe page and start making some of our favorite boba flavors! 

So let’s get started, shall we? 

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Heating and Straining accessories

There are plenty of different heating and straining accessories one must have to make bubble tea. We actually talk about our favorite picks in another article called “everything you need to brew tea at home”, so check that out here

Measuring utensils

Foldable and convenient: Kaptron Tools, Measuring cups 

Kaptron Tools, Measuring Cups

These measuring cups from Kaptron are great and we love them for two reasons: they’re affordable and they conveniently collapse to be stored basically anywhere. 

Since they are made of plastic and food grade silicone you can easily wash and reuse these for a super long time without having to worry about them rusting. Furthermore, with the sizing embossed on each cup, with a quick glance you can easily find the cup you need! 

Durable and versatile: New Star Food Service, Measuring Spoons

New Star Food Service Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

These are good and ultra-durable stainless steel measuring cups and spoons that you can use for almost anything. Unlike the plastic Kaptron measuring spoons, these can also withstand hot ingredients (i.e if you need to precisely measure how many cups of hot water you need for your tea). The sizing is also conveniently engraved into the stainless steel for ease of use.

Food Scales

Alternatively, you can opt to use a food scale (or use both, which is what we do to ensure maximum precision). Food scales are slightly more expensive but are very useful in the kitchen. There are usually two types of food scales, cheap and affordable with limited functionality, and expensive and very functional. We will recommend one of each of those right now! 

Note: We find the more expensive scales to be more accurate, so this is something to take note of. 

Cheap and affordable: Ozeri Digital Scale 

Ozeri Digital Scale

Accurate, elegant, and easy-to-use, the Ozeri scale gets our best pick for cheap and affordable scales! Don’t trust just our word for it though, there are over 15 THOUSAND happy customers of this scale on Amazon. There is an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, so you can rest assured that this is as good as it can get at this price point. 

Expensive and accurate: OXO Good Grips Scale with Pull out display

Expensive yet splurge-worthy, this scale from OXO is really innovative with it’s pull out design which is great when you place large bowls on the scale that can obstruct your view of the LCD screen. We also like this scale because it has a large base that allows you to put much larger containers on it. Furthermore, to make the screen more readable in suboptimal lighting, there is a backlight feature. These are all things that can be very valuable in the kitchen depending on your intended use cases! 

Heat-proof containers

Our Favorite Container: Pyrex Measuring cups (4-piece)

4-Piece Pyrex Containers

Why do you need a heatproof container to make boba? You don’t actually need one, but they are very helpful.

We use these pyrex containers to help us brew small batches of tea. So basically, depending on how much tea we want, we take a cup, fill it with hot water, then put our tea leaves in there to brew. The advantage of having cups like this is that you can easily make one, two, four, or eight cups of freshly brewed tea to test and refine your boba tea’s flavor. 

Cocktail Shaker

Best Value Shaker: 24 Ounce Cresimo Cocktail shaking kit

Cresimo Cocktail Shaking Kit

Everyone needs a good cocktail shaker when making bubble tea. It’s the perfect way to get a perfect mix of flavors in your drink. By using a cocktail shaker, you will be able to completely integrate all of the drink’s ingredients into one beautiful blend of flavor! The taste of a properly shaken drink and a drink that is stirred is completely different and if you don’t believe us you should try it out yourself.

Another great reason to use a cocktail shaker is so that you don’t dilute your drink too much with ice. You can put your drink and ice into the shaker, shake and then filter out the ice (with the built-in strainer) so that all you have left is a perfect cold drink that is less prone to being watered down (although sometimes we still add extra ice after-the-fact for personal preferences). 


What the heck? A thermometer? I know, you might be wondering why in the world are we recommending a thermometer for you to make boba… We also undervalued the importance of a thermometer when we first started to make boba, but now we know that it is probably one of the most important instruments for making a proper cup of bubble tea. 

Here’s why: brewing temperatures can make or break your tea’s flavor. If you search all around the web, you will start to notice that the best cooks, bakers, and mixologist rely on precision temperature control to make the best possible products. This is why everyone should have a thermometer when making bubble tea because properly brewing tea involves using very specific temperatures of water to properly extract all the flavors of the tea leaves. 

ThermoPro Thermometer 

The ThermoPro digital thermometer is quick, sleek, and simple to use. You don’t need anything crazy when it comes to buying a thermometer, just something that is accurate and reliable, which is why we recommend this one! We also like this thermometer because of the unique swivel head design, which allows you to measure things at different angles. 

That’s all for this article! In this blog post, we went over all the different boba accessories that we use daily. We hope it helps!

Do you have most of these already? Let us know! Also, don’t forget, if you want to buy any of these we included the links above! If you have prime you’ll get it in no time! If you want to try prime for free, then quickly and easily sign up here.

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