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Best Boba Places in Chicago

Can someone here let us know if the stereotypes of Chicago really exist? Are deep dish pizzas the only pizza around? Are the stories about the idea of the “Windy City” true? Is the Loop a fancier way of referring to downtown? Is the food here full of vibrant culture besides deep dish? 

Please let us know, we’re curious! We’ve been reading a lot of stereotypes online about Chicago because the team was interested haha. You can comment below to let us know, and if you’re a visitor to Chicago, you might just learn a thing or two with Talk Boba too! 

Aside from the historical stereotypes, let’s talk about the boba scene and what it’s all about. We definitely know that Chicago has some great culture and ethnic diversity so we’re positive there will be a lot of boba shops to suggest.

Continue reading for the best boba places in Chicago. You won’t find a top list of bubble tea or milk tea in Chicago like this one! 

Vivi Bubble Tea

If you’re from Chicago you definitely know a thing or two about the Loop in the city. In the heart of the Loop you’ll find a boba or bubble tea shop named Vivi Bubble Tea. This Taiwanese bubble tea shop has many locations across the US and it’s known for its vibrant pink aesthetics and brand appeal. 

If your favorite color is pink, this is the best boba spot for you. 

They offer some delicious flavors that you might not find elsewhere. No seriously… have you seen any other boba shop that has a taro creme brulee flavor? We haven’t. At least not yet. If you’ve never visited this spot, be sure to try some of their most popular or classic flavors. 

  • Vivi signature fruit tea 
  • Earl grey float 
  • Vivi bubble milk tea 
  • Thai milk tea 
  • Honeydew milk tea 
  • Ginger milk tea 

The list can go on, they have so many great flavors! Come by if you’re visiting the Loop in Chicago. You’ll find pink, white and wooden aesthetics in this specific location. Talk about really great vibes in a milk tea shop!

Kung Fu Tea

Located in the Chinatown district of Chicago, you’ll find a few boba or bubble tea places. One of them being Kung Fu Tea. We’re sure you’re familiar with this spot already though. They have 100s of stores around the US, even in the most remote locations. Talk about bringing milk tea to all types of locations! 

This bubble tea franchise offers fruit tea drinks, milk tea drinks, and even some snacks to grub on. If you’re wondering, one of our go-to orders at Kung Fu Tea is taro milk tea at 50% sweetness (we don’t like it that sweet) and an order of popcorn chicken. Yummy! 

By the way, did you know Kung Fu Tea also has a sister company called TKK Chicken? No wonder their popcorn chicken is so delicious every time, they’re experts at chicken just like they are with bubble tea! 

BI Tea and Dim Sum

Located in Chicago’s original multi-vendor food hall lies one of the best places for dim sum and milk tea. Yep, combined! BI Tea and Dim Sum serves up delicious baos, dumplings, and other dim sum (yum cha) favorites. Can you name some? 

If you’re looking for a great place for both the sweetness of bubble tea or milk tea and a very (like to die for) delicious meal, this is the place to go. With Hong Kong roots, you know you’ll have some of the best and authentic dim sum here. 

Be warned, you may come back multiple times after your first visit. 

Te’Amo Boba Bare

With lines out the door majority of the time and over 100 positive reviews, you know you’re in for something good. Located on the Northside of the city, you’ll stumble upon this milk tea bar and cafe. 

With lots of aesthetically pleasing drinks made (very flavorful too), your instagram will pop! It’s a great place to bring your boba squad or group of friends for a bite to eat and enjoy some sweet milk tea and vibes. They’re known for a lot of their matcha lattes with boba, if you’re wondering what you should get here, maybe try some of those flavors. 

Our favorites have to be these below.

  • White moustache matcha 
  • Clover matcha latte
  • Golden milk drink 
  • Coffee milk drink 

And one more thing! Their service is unbelievable. Greeted with smiles and great intentions, everyone who works here presents themselves in a very welcoming way. You’ll be sure to enjoy your time here. 

Tbaar Bubble Tea 

Tbaar bubble tea shop is more than just your typical milk tea shop. Sure it has your classic taro milk tea, Thai milk tea, and oolong milk tea, but it also has very fresh fruit drinks. Amongst all the bubble tea shops we’ve mentioned so far, Tbaar has the most variety when it comes to fresh fruit drinks. 

Some fresh fruit favorites include. 

  • Cucumber, apple, celery, and honey 
  • Carrot, apple, and celery 
  • Kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, celery, orange, wheatgrass 

But of course, we know you came here for the boba or bubble tea drinks, not so much the healthier alternatives. No worries! Tbaar also includes a wide variety of delicious milk tea with tapioca pearls too. They have all the classics we mention very often, and more. Some customer favorites appear to be Tbaar milk green tea, matcha latte, taro milk tea, and their Amazing milk black tea. What would you try first? 

Are you still reading with us? 

You’ve made it to the end if you have. Thanks for reading with Talk Boba! We hope you found a new spot to try with the boba places above. Don’t be too picky though, all of them are delicious with their own unique atmosphere, the best part. This best bubble tea in Chicago article was fun to write from our team and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

If there’s any more milk tea places you suggest to add in best bubble tea in Chicago, then be sure to let us know! We’re more than happy to add it to our list, give us a comment below. And remember, just talk about boba, duh! 

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