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Best Boba Places in Honolulu

Going for a trip to Waikiki beach? Planning to surf, hike, or dive? There’s just a lot to do in Honolulu. And we can’t really blame you. This unique city in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has a lot to offer. Friendly advice? Take one day at a time, or better yet, drink one bubble tea at a time.

Just like the vast array of activities you can do in Honolulu, this vibrant city houses a lot of milk tea brands to choose from. Selecting one could get a little overwhelming, but the truth is, they are worth trying. 

Don’t know where to start? Maybe this best boba places in Honolulu article will help out. 

Talkboba is here for you. We will make your boba life less confusing. We’ve listed top boba shops across the cities. Continue reading. And if you’re also looking for cool stuff to complement your surfing body, check our shop. Or if you just want to chill while watching the waves crash, you can just follow or community and talk boba, duh! 

As promised, here are 8 must-try boba shops you can try in Honolulu:

Teapresso Bar

“Arguably the best bubble tea place on the island” – Need we say more?

Steve Nguyen, the owner of Teapresso Bar, had a vision of bringing healthier drink alternatives to the Island. And he did not fail. Having 17 branches within the Hawaiian Island, Teapresso Bar has undoubtedly positioned itself as a healthier alternative in the coffee and boba market.

Using natural and fresh local ingredients, Teapresso Bar offers a variety of beverages perfect for that Summer heat. They got bubble tea, boba, milk tea, organic lemonade, classic frappes and fresh fruit smoothies. You can even build your own tea. With all these options, their signature Teapresso milk tea should definitely be your priority. 

It’s wonderfully tasty! 

What’s more to love? Teapresso Bar has mastered the art of chillax. Each store serves as a hangout place for all ages where you can play board games and use free WiFi. Mind you, when we say board games, we mean no boredom ‘coz there are a lot to play with some friends and of course with a good drink. If you’re feeling intimate, you can even rent the place for private parties. One last thing—they’re updated with the latest tech trends. 

How so? You can order their drinks online and have them delivered. Uh huh, Teapresso just never disappoints. Everything is sooo good! You’ll keep coming back for sure! 

Dragon Tea Kalihi      

AuthenTEAcity. This has always been the core of Dragon Tea. Established in 2013, Dragon Tea Kalihi brought authentic, high-quality tasting Taiwanese tea beverages to Hawaii. The owner Steve Lai puts so much emphasis on product quality as they select only the finest ingredients from Taiwan. But they’re not settling for just traditional tea. Dragon Tea fuses modern and diversified beverages with an authentic philosophy of Taiwanese flavoring.

Impressed enough? Let me share more of their tasty bubble teas. First, treat yourself with Dragon Tea’s Brown Sugar Milk tea or Milk Tea Special with boba. Their bobas are chewy. It’s hard to resist. But, if you’re not feeling sweet (I mean not craving for something sweet), try their Passion Fruit Green Tea or Lychee Green Tea instead. 

Want to know another highly-recommended good from Dragon Tea? In addition to bubble tea and fruit teas, Dragon Tea also offers a variety of Taiwanese night market style food – street foods, popcorn chicken, gyoza, noodles and hand-made dumplings. All with a touch of home. Do not leave this place without trying these Taiwanese snacks. You will definitely miss out if you do not try them.

An amazing bubble tea partnered with a delicious Taiwanese snack? We can’t simply think of a better combo. Dragon Tea is the way to go.

Mr. Tea Cafe  

What’s the secret to a successful boba shop? A lot of great ones start from no plans. They’re simply born out of: pure passion. The same story goes with Mr. Tea Café which was created by a bunch of guys obsessed with boba milk tea. Standing for quality, these boba purists have traveled in Taiwan in learning traditional milk tea production and have had hundreds, if not thousands, of attempts to create the best cup of milk tea you can have.

Apart from its extensive menu and lots of interesting options, Mr. Tea Café cares. In this boba shop, the customer simply gets what he or she wants. You can adjust the sweetness levels of your boba and even request for almond milk instead of cream. They even offer Splenda as a sugar alternative. All you have to do is ask. Some flavors you might love to try are Black Milk tea and Oolong Milk tea with coffee jelly.

Staying up late and suddenly had a milk tea craving? Mr. Tea Café to the rescue! It’s one of those few shops that are open till 12am. So, no need to worry. We know you can’t simply sleep without getting that sip 😉

QQ Tea House

Can’t keep up with our Honolulu list? Be ready for more ‘coz we’re just heating up. Another great addition to your favorite boba place is QQ Tea house. It’s not that hard to fall in love with this milk tea shop.

For one, everyone is really friendly. Their staff can generously give you samples if you can’t decide on the variety of bubble teas they are offering. If you want to have a safe choice, think no more. As their name suggests, QQ Tea House is the home of the original QQ milk tea with honey boba – so order it, duh. But If you want to taste something new, try their Plum smoothie and Passion Fruit Smoothie for a change. They’re delicious and fresh, absolutely no powders here.

What makes this boba shop more special? QQ Tea House offers vegan food. Their faux meat will simply blow your mind. One more thing, if you’re thinking about money, don’t you worry about it. QQ Tea House prices are competitive. They even have a buy one get the other drink for 99¢. Yes, you read that right. This is the deal. So what are you waiting for? Invite a buddy and don’t let this deal pass. Or regret it later.

Taste Tea

If you feel like you’ve had it all, you got to try Taste Tea in Honolulu. Another classic go-to boba shop that you wouldn’t want to miss. As some would say, this bubble tea shop is the “real deal.” Some even claim its best boba tea around! Don’t get intimidated by the queues. Hang in there because it’s worth the line.

Known for its affordable prices and quick service, Taste Tea offers chewy boba and yummy milk tea. You can’t go wrong with the classic milk tea. You can adjust the sweetness if you find it too strong. And when we say adjust, we mean really tasting the sweetness level before your milk tea gets sealed off. Such a sweet gesture. You can even add their mini tapioca (small boba) if the big ones are too filling. Want more tips? Another flavor you shouldn’t miss is their ice cream milk tea. Something new to our ears.  Imagine a milk tea float and there you have it. You can also add ice cream to any milk tea flavor of your choosing. Instant float for all! 

They even have a loyalty card for all you milk tea lovers! So if you’re driving or strolling in Honolulu, Taste Tea should be your mandatory stop. Collect those stickers and earn your boba treat.

Wen’s Tea

Here’s to the cheese foam lovers! If you’re game for that sweet, thick, creamy with a hint of the salty type of milk tea, then Wen’s Tea is the milk tea shop for you. This cute little bubble tea place right on Keeaumoku is popularly known for its cheese cap and milk cap. Its medium-thick consistency is just too irresistible.  Some may be unconvinced of how tasty cheese tea can be until they try it. So, go convince your friends and have a cheesy good time at Wen’s Tea.

Fresh, delicious and natural – Wen’s Tea makes their juice raw and alive. Their must-try Hojicha Milk Tea is so satisfying. You have the option of soy milk or almond milk for nondairy people. But if you want to experiment and try unique ones, you can order Genmaicha Milk Tea and Lemon Yakult! Perfect for the warm weather. And speaking of warm, the owners and staff are really warm. You’ll feel relaxed and happy. You and your friends can even try their games. The shop is kinda small, but clean and the prices are reasonable. What are you waiting for? Try it! you might just have a new favorite boba 

Nice to Meet You Tea House

Looking for instant good vibes? The customary “nice to meet you” greetings from the staff of Nice to Meet You Tea House will surely get you going. Their courteous staff is a big plus! But it doesn’t stop there. Nice to Meet You Tea House offers an exceptional selection of bubble tea, ice creams, and smoothies.

Let’s make this more interesting, shall we? Ever hear of cotton candy added to your boba drinks? I know I know it sounds strange, but all the more interesting! You can add cotton candy to your milk tea selection. This cloudy treat will sure get you sugar high! Nice To Meet You Tea House has the right choices that will suit your taste buds. They got hot or cold teas and boba teas. And if you’re feeling a little hungry, they have special savory food offerings including sandwiches, chicken wings, and noodles. If you still want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can even order their classic crème brulee, cheesecake, and a macaroon. Just take your pick!

So, if you are looking for a warm and comforting atmosphere, be sure to visit this place. Who knows? You might even bump into us, your fellow boba lovers. In that case, don’t forget to say hi! It would be absolutely Nice to Meet You too. (See what I did there?) 

Thang’s French Coffee and Bubble Tea

A trip in downtown Honolulu won’t be complete without trying Thang’s French Coffee and Bubble Tea. Established in 1997 by a Vietnamese couple, this heritage boba shop has surely made its own reputation. Immigrating to the US to make a living, the Vietnamese couple started selling Vietnamese iced coffee from a horse carriage at the Maunakea MarketPlace in Chinatown. With years of experimenting from a small kiosk, they have expanded their shop to include bubble tea and smoothies that became a big hit in town. The rest is history! 

Make sure to try their chocolate boba drink! They have a really promising boba texture. That soft chewy pearls –  just the way we like it. On the healthier side, Thangs have the freshest REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES. Their smoothies with pearls are simply to die for. From mangoes to taros to chocolates, everything is so refreshing and affordable. You can even mix flavors as you wish. Of course, coffee lovers also have a place in this shop, obviously. Just a friendly tip: this place accepts cash only so make sure to bring some greens with you. It’s great to be traditional once in a while. Come down and have a quick trip down the history lane while drinking legit Vietnamese boba tea!

That’s quite a lot to take, huh? With all the multiple options, one thing’s for sure: A trip in Honolulu will never be boring. Milk tea shops here and there, enough to keep you busy and full! Take a break with your friends and surf buddies. Enjoy the calming sound of the beach while sipping your favorite boba drink. That’s the life, the boba life!

Enjoyed your Honolulu boba trip? We’re here to tell you more! Follow Talkboba and we will tour you to the freshest boba shops in the hippest cities across the globe. Check out some other interesting boba shops in the rest of our blog.

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