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Best Boba Places in Jackson

Boba tea, Milk tea, Bubble tea,—whatever you call it, the craving is always there.  We all know you have your personal favorites already, but the best milk tea may still be out there, especially when you’re travelling in a different city. Let’s say you’re on your way to Jackson, Mississippi and have no idea where to get your favorite boba. It must be hard to go on without your Vitamin B(oba). 

No idea where to get your boba drink? Talkboba is here to answer all your boba queries and worries! Feeling down or feeling hungry? Check out the best boba places here and you’ll definitely find a cure to anything you’re feeling today. Need a companion? You can talk to us. We have a community of 44,000 who share the same love for bubble tea. 

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Now, going back to our trip down South. Experience true southern hospitality in Jackson with a good cup of tea. We listed 4 of the best milk tea places in Jackson for you to get your next cup. Here’s the best boba places in Jackson. (Keep in mind the shops below may or may not fully include the bubble tea you’re looking for. It’s tough around Jackson, but we hope you enjoy these places)! 

Cups in the Quarter  

You probably know by now that milk tea is here to stay. It may be hard to trace when and how this bubble tea craze started, but this trend is definitely not dying. Need proof? For one, coffee shops include our favorite milk tea on their menu. They have been immortalized! We can’t really blame them, right?

Cups in the Quarter is one coffee shop that has remained a default morning stop for early risers or for anyone who craves coffee in Jackson. They have great espresso and friendly service. Who wouldn’t love such good vibes for breakfast? Born in 1993 out of married owners Janice and Dennis, Cups has created its own community sharing love and passion about great coffee, art and anything in life. From a little café, Cups now has a total of 11 locations in Mississippi. 

Coffee may be their forte, but if you’re not a coffee-drinker, Cups offer loose-leaf teas that may soothe (or suit, whichever you prefer) your taste. They have hot and iced teas and London fog offerings. But since you’re here, it’s almost certain that you’ll love their Chai Latte—a tea with honey, cinnamon, and other spices blended with steamed milk. They may not be serving our favorite tapioca pearls yet, but who knows? Anything is possible! 

The Urban ‘Sip

In need of food for your tummy and soul? The Urban ‘Sip is your answered prayer. This ministry-based neighborhood coffee shop makes you feel part of a bigger family. With their friendly service and relaxed atmosphere, you’ll absolutely feel at peace. 

Urban ‘Sip is the coffee shop of We Will Go Ministries. Proceeds from the drinks you buy go back into the ministry in downtown Jackson, providing jobs, training and Christian discipleship. That means for every cup you drink, you’ll be able to help others. Feels really good! Seasonal specialty drinks as well as in-house favorites are being served year-round. They have cool specialty drinks such as their bestselling Amazing Grace, a caramel-white chocolate latte or frappe. Their espressos and coffees might be the go-to drinks of the neighborhood, but they have more to offer non-coffee drinkers. So, when you pass by Jackson, might as well take that urban ‘sip. Come by and partake in their hand-crafted Lattes, Cappuccinos, or a good Chai Latte. 

TY Bowls        

Admit it. Chinese food is the instant comfort food for most, if not all of us. Lucky for you, TY Bowls is not your ordinary Chinese food. You wouldn’t even believe that this hole in the wall has the best Asian food in Jackson. And what’s even better is that they house a selection of milk tea and smoothies to go with your Asian savory picks. 

Known for its modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes, TY Bowls only use high quality fresh ingredients. For sure, you will never go wrong with anything you order. From noodles to dumplings, they have it all covered. But apart from the usual Chinese cravings, TY Bowls also offers a variety of bubble tea flavors. They have iced milk teas to cool your head or hot teas for when you want to warm up.

Let’s have a rundown of their milk teas. Their iced and hot milk tea signature drinks include Tapioca Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea and more. But if you are more on the citrus side, you can try their Lemon Honey Green Tea and Passion Fruit Green Tea. Going oriental hasn’t been this good!

S&D Coffee Inc.

“The largest custom coffee roaster in America” – just wow. Since 1927, S&D Coffee Inc. earned its reputation as the largest coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores in America. They boast of their coffee and tea methods that have been honed and mastered over time. 

Wait a minute, I know what you’re thinking. You might be asking why they are on the list when this is all about milk tea. Keep calm! S&D has grown and transformed to meet the needs of their customers. They continuously search for modern techniques in serving coffees and teas. No wonder they’re the largest in America! So let’s go straight to the real deal. S&D takes their tea blends seriously. They won’t stop until they create the perfect combination of clarity, color, flavor and aroma. Whether it’s chai, matcha or black tea, the blends will make you fall in love. Their fresh brewed teas are to die for. If you want to sweeten up, you can always request since S&D Inc. has a wide range of drinks, all held in the highest standard of quality. From infused beverages, cappuccinos and juices to hot teas and chocolate – they have everything!

Jackson is no stranger to milk tea. Along the streets are cafes starting to incorporate our favorite boba drinks on their menus. It’s no wonder these small shops have gained cult-like followings with customers willing to wait and stand long queues, in order to get their hands on a cup of creamy goodness.

In case you are wandering and wondering where to get a cup of milk tea in an unfamiliar city, we’re here to point you in the right direction. Different cities have different boba shops to offer. Some are easy to find, but some would require a little effort. But we got you covered. Don’t waste your time researching and navigating. You can find the best boba places with just a click! Check out the best boba guides here. If you want to know (and drink) more, check out our boba blogs and find hundred and more reasons to love boba, as if we haven’t loved it enough, duh!

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