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Best Boba Places in Salt Lake City

So is it true that Utah, specifically Salt Lake City is home to the world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken? How crazy is that? 

Okay, let’s not get carried away with fried chicken though (even though it’s so delicious). We’re here to talk about boba, we’re Talk Boba after all. If you didn’t know, we write about recipes, best boba places, best boba flavors and even show you a directory of boba places so you can find exactly what you want too from a milk tea perspective. 

Let’s read about the best boba places in Salt Lake City shall we? 

Tea Bar

If you’re looking for both bubble tea and food, you’ve found the right spot. Good thing this is the first one on this list! Tea Bar offers your typical bubble tea flavors but they also serve up some delicious snacks for you to chew on too. 

Aside from bubble tea or milk tea (which is absolutely delicious), you can have some popcorn chicken, takoyaki balls, rice platters and sandwiches. Think about it you could be drinking a refreshing brown sugar milk tea with boba pearls while eating delicious popcorn chicken. The sweetness and refreshing taste of a drink can wash down that crunchy fried popcorn chicken. 

Hungry yet? 

Kung Fu Tea

Instead of informing you of how great Kung Fu Tea is (which it is), we’ll just let you know about our favorite boba flavors here to get. We’ve talked about Kung Fu Tea a lot of times here on Talk Boba. 

Our favorite bubble tea or milk tea from Kung Fu Tea is…

  • Winter melon green milk tea 
  • Oolong milk tea with boba pearls
  • Red bean wow milk 


We’re pretty sure you’re aware of Lollicup as much as you are aware of Kung Fu Tea right? If not, let us explain. Lollicup was probably one of the major franchises since the beginning of boba culture in the United States. They’ve been around for years and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon. Their branding might not be as flashy as the newer and more modern boba businesses of today but don’t be fooled. 

Lollicup Coffee and Tea Shop can be considered one of the few that started the momentum for this bubble tea industry outside of Taiwan. 

You can find many traditional boba or milk tea flavors here. They also have a wide selection of add ons like lychee jelly, classic boba pearls and popping boba. 

Tea’s Memory

Right away, this place has 4.5+ stars across any review site you can think of. Does that convince you to come and try the place out for yourself? 

People mention that the outside doesn’t look quite like anything special but trust us, when you walk inside you’ll be amazed. It’s very modern, clean and has a good atmosphere. When ordering you have these really big signs that make it super easy to find what you want. Whether you want milk tea, cheese foam tea or a smoothie with boba— they have it all! Don’t forget about the fruit teas too. 

If we had to suggest what to get here first we’ll probably go with some cheese foam teas. Their oolong tea with cheese foam milk on top is delicious! 


You might recognize this franchise from other states or places if you’re coming from out of town. Bambu is a coffee and tea shop filled with very interesting add ons that are mainly found in Vietnamese beverages. 

Some popular drinks include…

  • Bambu special – coconut, pandan jelly, longan, basil seed, coconut water
  • Oolong sea salt tea – includes housemade sea salt foam and egg pudding 
  • Cafe sua da – Vietnamese coffee 
  • Mango smoothie – deliciously refreshing 

Enjoyed the best bubble tea in Salt Lake City? We hope you did! Otherwise we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what we should add onto the list. If you want to help, please do! You can comment below about a hole in the wall milk tea shop or your favorite down below and we’ll be sure to add it. 

Want to read more about bubble tea? Have a look at our blog and find another interesting boba article. We recommend learning what other people frequently ask about boba, it’s quite interesting. 

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