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Best Boba Places in Singapore

Quick Insight on Singapore’s Bubble Tea Craze

There is a bubble tea or boba craze happening around Singapore (and all over the world) mostly in 2018 and 2019. And as a result, there is more widespread bubble tea lovers, which is a good thing of course!  There are long queues at bubble tea stalls shopping malls and more. Did you know that shopping malls around here in Singapore sometimes have over 5 boba cafes? Now that’s a boba craze if I say so myself.

This begs the question though— why come to Singapore to try out our bubble tea? Some Singaporeans call ourselves the country that loves bubble tea the most. After all, we can’t get enough of our bubble tea. Singapore being one of the most diverse countries in the world has been able to offer many walks of life with the precious (and delicious) bubble tea drink! Continue to read the best boba places in Singapore.


During after school hours, you’ll see students rushing to get in line for Koi’s all famous golden bubble milk tea. I mean, who doesn’t love flavorful yet chewy golden boba (their very popular tapioca pearls) paired together with quality rich and creamy milk tea? Not only is their most popular drink the golden bubble milk tea, but they are also famous for their grass jelly milk tea. I highly recommend trying any of the two if you have the chance!

Singapore is known for having very warm weather all year long, which is only the perfect weather for a refreshing cup of boba. Am i right? Having a cup Koi’s grass jelly milk tea immediately makes you feel refreshed after a long day. Plus, it just tastes delicious so what is there to lose? Koi also has other drinks you can try as well. They have delicious drinks like macchiatos, flavored teas, refreshing fresh juices and even lattes!

Bober Tea

Even though Bober Tea only has 3 outlets in Singapore, nothing can stop Singaporeans like myself from getting quality drinks from them. Teens and adults all flock to these outlets after work and school hours to get a hold of this very popular bubble tea flavor, known as the brown sugar pearl milk tea. If you’re struggling to find a good boba flavor, you can never go wrong with their brown sugar pearl milk tea. Maybe even try their Bober specials (limited time only).

Tiger Sugar

Say the words “Tiger Sugar” and you’ll find many heads turned to look at you. I mean, who doesn’t know Tiger Sugar?

You must be wondering, why the name ‘Tiger’? Tiger Sugar gets its name from the drips of brown sugar adorning the walls of its cup, said to resemble tiger stripes. The hype for tiger sugar is real, with queues any time of the day. Their brown sugar milk teas are so instagram- worthy, you can’t take a sip without taking a picture first.

Tiger Sugar is very famous for their brown sugar boba milk with cream mousse. If you try it out for yourself, be sure to shake it up a few more times to get the full experience, you don’t want a sip full of brown sugar (i’ve been there).

The Alley

This worldwide famous brand of milk teas, are of course in Singapore too. They make their own sugar cane syrups and also tapioca pearls. The Alley sells several types of aesthetic, eye pleasing drinks that will make sure to brighten up your Instagram feed.  Everyone ought to try this drink at least once in their lifetime, but I know that you’ll come back for more.


LIHO tea, also known as Singapore’s number 1 homegrown bubble tea brand, is no doubt the most popular in Singapore. They are known for their amazing milk teas and low prices. Students can easily get a cup of milk tea with pearls for $2 SGD! Liho Tea has at least 20 outlets all over Singapore, each serving amazing cups of happiness. Fun fact: Do you know that “Liho” actually means “How are you?”, in a Chinese dialect known as Hokkien. Their aim is to show that despite the differences in language, culture, beliefs and habits among different races in Singapore, a simple greeting of LIHO can bond us together. LIHO thus signifies a proud Singapore kiosk tea beverage that every Singaporean can relate to.

This brand of bubble tea is a must try in Singapore, and they sell a wide range of drinks, from cheese beverages, fruit teas, brown sugar milk teas to the very original milk tea with pearls. They have a good variety of toppings to choose from as well! For example, puddings, cheese, oreo bits, grass jelly and many more.

I hope you enjoyed this little read of the best boba places in Singapore. I had so much fun contributing to Talk Boba and i’d love to do it again soon! Remember, just talk about boba, duh!

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